Gridiron Football Top 300: Blake Purchase

Blake Purchase is a Class of 2023 Outside Linebacker for Cherry Creek High School in Greenwood Village, Colorado. Even as a Sophomore, Blake has the ideal build to rush the quarterback and cause chaos in the backfield at 6’4” 210 lbs. Purchase has an elite combination of speed and strength that makes him nearly impossible to block. Something that separates Blake from his peers is his quick play recognition that allows him to make a play on the ball. He can be seen swatting balls down at the line of scrimmage, or even intercepting the ball off a screen pass. On a week by week basis, he is a nightmare for offensive coordinators to game plan for. Overall, Blake Purchase is a hardworking and talented pass rusher that would be an asset to any team that he plays on.

Check out Blake’s highlights here.

Why did you choose to play football and when did you start? I was influenced to play from my older brother, and I started playing around the age of 5.

What life skills has football taught you over time? I think football really teaches you how to take instruction more specifically, constructive criticism, you realize the coaches are only trying to make you better.

Would you consider yourself to be more of a hard hitting or a conservative tackler? To be honest I am more of a conservative tackler, I just like to make the play.

I see you often play off the edge, what’s your favorite move to get past offensive lineman? My favorite move is a double swipe to get the offensive lineman off of me.

What do you look for as soon as the offense snaps the ball? With me, I try to see if it’s a run or pass, get my hands on the offensive lineman and see what I need to do.

As a Linebacker, what’s your favorite blitz to run? Probably just an All-out blitz.

What gap do you prefer to shoot? Outside or C gap.

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What kind of linebacker do you see yourself as? I see myself as a speedy and lengthy linebacker that can also guard the pass.

In your film, you often make plays on screen passes, what are some things that you look for to tell if it’s a screen? This year there’s been a big emphasis to identify screens in practice, you can tell if it’s a screen when the offensive lineman doesn’t block you.

What current or past player, do you think your game mirrors the most? Von Miller and Khalil Mack

Do you play any sports outside of football? If so, how did it help you improve your skills as a pass rusher? I play Basketball, Basketball has helped my speed and reaction time, pass rushing is all about reaction.

I see that you’re a two-time state champion, what do those rings mean to you? The first ring I didn’t play that much, 2nd ring means more because I had a impactful position on the team.

In your opinion, what is the best aspect of your game? My speed and hands.

How do you think Covid-19 impacted your sophomore season? I think it was pretty positive, it helped me get bigger, stronger, faster, don’t think I would be in the position I’m in right now without it.

Do you have any goals for your senior season? Win another state championship, last year I had 7 sacks and I want to get 10 sacks and be more impactful on the team as a leader.

At the end of the day, who is someone you look up to? My dad, he played college basketball and I got the opportunity to see how hard he worked.

Describe a time where you were going through adversity, how did you get through it? In 7th grade, I tore my ACL and gained a lot of weight, I just kept working knowing I’ll get better.

Finally, what are colleges going to get out of Blake Purchase? They are going to get someone who loves the game, plays hard, and a good linebacker that can do it all.