Gridiron Football Diamond In The Rough: Bryce Davis

Bryce Davis is a Running Back prospect from Warner Robins, GA that attends Houston Country High School. Davis is listed at 5’8 180lbs. He is a dual-position athlete with the ability to play the Strong Safety position as well as his natural Running Back Position. He has a speedy side to him as he showed signs of burst on his Hudl Tape. Davis had a promising highlight tape showing that he was a key contributor on his Varsity Special Teams unit. He made several key plays including a forced fumble, a couple fumble recoveries, and several tackles made on opposing returners. With a combination of Davis’ capable speediness as well as his tough-nosed tackling skills, he can definitely be used on some collegiate teams next Fall 2022. There is a firm belief that the best is yet to come for Mr. Davis. He has a background in Track and Field as he is an All-Hurdle Specialist and a 4×1 participant on his High School track team. Bryce Davis has one more season in High School to prove to college coaches why he is built to play on Saturday nights on the college level. Keep an eye out for his name because he has the potential to raise an eyebrow or two.

Bryce Davis, Gridiron Football Diamond In The Rough

At what age did you begin playing football and what motivated you to play? I’ve been playing football since 2nd grade flag football and then I played tackle football for the first time in 3rd grade. I was always running around as a little kid and I was pretty big for my age, so I tried out football and it became my thing.

What has football taught you about life and yourself in general once you started playing? The main thing that football taught me is that nothing comes easy, even if it’s “expected”, you always have to work for it. It inspired toughness and motivation in me to keep going for a goal bigger than myself.

Are you a leader on your team? If so, have you been able to bring any of those leadership skills from the field to your everyday life? I’d say I am a leader [because I’m an upcoming senior] as well as what I do on and off the field. I hold myself accordingly. I’ve led plenty of people, on and off the field, but mainly in the classroom. I find myself being more of a leader there more than anything.

As a leader on your team, you must be a role model for your fellow underclassmen teammates? Can you tell me some advice that you would give to your underclassmen teammates who look up to you as a leader on the team, being a Senior RB prospect that is heading to play college football? Underclassmen are actually my favorite people to lead because I have already been through what they are about to go through. I just show them the right direction in life (and football) by making sure that they’re okay and that someone’s looking out for them. Both of those things are very important to me. I can tell that most of them look up to me because they see what I’m doing as a prospect, and it makes them want to do more for themselves. It makes them want to get to this point and it’s exciting to see the impact that I have on the young talent.

Who is a role model in the NFL (at your position) that you feel reflects your game? That’s a tough question but I’d have to say Adrian Peterson. In his prime, he was a speed back but also a physical back. I think he describes my game a lot but also a bit of Christian McCaffrey. I say that because I’m also very good in passing game. Also, Adrian’s longevity to still be in the league after so long as a Running back is amazing.

What was your biggest highlight/play so far in your High School career? Probably my play against Lee County. I actually had two big runs but I didn’t score on the first one so I would definitely say the second one (the Touchdown run).

With Highlights comes accolades, what can you tell me about your best season in High School? What led up to it? Honestly it was COVID and the Quarantine. It worked wonders for me. I just came out so much better. I worked zoom meetings, workouts, running, and so many things. It just all led up to it and I will have more in store for next season because I’ll be starting off the season playing Running back compared to getting switched mid-season.

What do you look forward to the most when you play college football? The new man that I will become. The new opportunities and things that will come: meeting new teammates, meeting new coaches and a new chance to prove myself and earn the respect of others by letting people know what I am about.

What is your message to your college coaches who will be your mentors for the next few years? What type of player are they getting out of you? I want them to know that I’m going to go all out as I always have. I want them to know that they are getting a player who will have an immediate impact. I want them to see that once I open my mouth, I lead by example and I am just itching to prove my talent to them.