November 30, 2022

DITR: Colton Hood

Colton Hood is a class of 2023 cornerback/wide receiver for McKinley Eagles Landing Christian Academy in McDonough, Georgia. Hood is 6’1” and 175 lbs. Colton is a dual sport, lockdown cornerback who has the kind of awareness and route recognition that translates to the next level. Hood is a guy who has learned from some of the best and is a leader in the classroom holding a solid 3.6 GPA.

How long have you been playing football?

I have been playing since I was six. My dad and uncle were the people who first turned me on to football. Both of them played at Auburn and my uncle Roderick Hood played in the NFL for 9 years, so you can definitely say they have had an influence on my football career.

Do you play any other sports? 

I play baseball along with football. I feel like playing baseball has also helped my play in football. Having to track a baseball is a lot like tracking a football so in that aspect I think the two sports translate.

Which position do you prefer, CB or WR?

Honestly, I prefer wide receiver. I feel more comfortable at receiver because I have played there longer. This is only the first year I have played cornerback. Coach needed me there this year, so I accepted the challenge and now I have 4 picks in 6 games so I think I’m doing pretty well for being new to the position.

What did your off-season training regiment look like?

In the summer, I would wake up early and start off my day by my dad bringing me to either the hill or the sandpit to do some conditioning. After that, I would usually have a baseball tournament to play in. Once I got back home from baseball and rested for a bit, my uncle would come over and we would do stability training with weights. All that working out really helped me prepare for this season in my new position.

Do you have any goals for the upcoming season?

Personally, I want to be considered the best corner in my state. But my main goal is to win state for the team and help them in any way I can.

What kind of cornerback would you describe yourself as? Do you think you are better in man or zone coverage?

Well, my coach usually locks me on the main receiver so I end up playing a lot of man and I feel comfortable in that position. My uncle, dad, and I were watching a lot of film this off-season and breaking down zone coverages and whatnot. I think I can do both at a high level.

What is your favorite part about playing cornerback?

Knowing I have the power to stop the best guy on their team. If they have a really good receiver, my coach trusts me to be on an island with him all game. I love that I can make an impact on the game like that.

What is your most memorable moment on the field?I remember when I was 12, I scored a game winning touchdown for the championship so that was definitely a cool moment. But last week, we were down 14-0 needing a stop and I got a pick, almost made it six. That moment made me excited to see what I will be able to do at cornerback.

How would your teammates describe you? 

I think they would describe me as a fun guy. A guy who cracks a lot of jokes but they know I’m serious on the field. I don’t talk that much on the field, it depends on how I’m feeling if I try to trash talk a receiver.

What is a part of your game that you feel will translate to the next level?

I think the fact that I can play both corner or receiver is something that could set me apart. But other than that, my mentality on the field is something that never changes. Every time I walk out on the field I feel like I am the best player out there, that confidence is something that I don’t lose.

What is a part of your game that you feel like you need to get better at?

I feel like I need to get my stamina up. I just feel that I need to get better with my wind if I want to play both ways. Also, I think that if I want to be the best player I can, then I still need to get faster.

Do you have any role models who have inspired you? Well my dad and uncle have been in my corner my whole life so they are my role models. But my uncle is Patrick Peterson’s physical trainer, so I was able to work out with them. Being able to be around Patrick Peterson and going through that workout with two guys who can say that they have played in the NFL really inspired me to want to get better at my game.

What are you thinking pre-snap?

If I’m in man coverage, before I walk up to the line to go press, I look at the formation along with the down and distance. From film study I know what routes that they want to run so if I know all this I might be able to know the route before it happens. When I’m in zone, I look at the QB and the formations first. Then, I try to watch the QB to see where he is looking before the play, sometimes the quarterbacks can tip the play just with a look.

What is something that recruiters should know about you?

I’m a very versatile player. I return kicks, return punts, play cornerback, and I can play wide receiver so I feel like that can translate. I’ll do anything for the game, I love football.

What is a time you went through significant adversity and how did you get through it?

Well last year was hard for me because I wasn’t playing. So coming into this year knowing I would be in a new position, it made me question myself. My dad and uncle encouraged me and told me that this is a new opportunity to be great. I got through this adversity by pushing and working to get my confidence back, then I took everything I learned and put it on the field.

Why do you play football?

I have loved the game ever since I started playing. This is what I want to do with my life, it’s what I’ve always wanted to do with my life. Watching my uncle play in the league and seeing what it was like for him caused me to realize that I want that for myself.

Has football taught you any valuable lessons? 

Yeah it has taught me life lessons like determination and grit. To be great you have to learn to love the things you hate to get to a better place. You have to grind for what you want. You have to have the mindset and attitude to do the things you hate like you love them.

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