Diamond in The Rough: Jadin Jones

Jadin Jones is a class of 2022 OLB for Camden county high school in Kingsland, GA. Jones is 6’3 and weighs 215lbs. He’s very athletic for a linebacker and has the versatility to also play WR and rush DE. He plays with a high motor, great speed, and has a good burst off the line. Something else he does well is tackle; when he gets his hands on you, it’s over. When watching Jadin’s film, you will notice he’s always in the backfield making plays.

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How long have you been playing football? When I was five.

Do you prefer playing inside or outside linebacker? I like playing both, but I prefer playing inside.

Would you consider yourself more of a run stuffer or coverage linebacker? I would say a run stuffer.

What do you enjoy about playing linebacker? I enjoy being able to run stunts and blitzes and I also like being able to drop back into coverage.

What skill set do you have that make you a good linebacker? I’m a very athletic linebacker I feel like I don’t fit the linebacker stereotype.

Do you have any role models? I look up to my uncle. 

Is there a player you can compare your play style to? Isaiah Simmons.

Is there something your known for in the locker room or in the field? I’m the person who’s always smiling and bringing good energy to the team.

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What does football mean to you? It means a lot to me I see it as my way out of where I’m from.

Has football taught you any valuable lessons? It taught me a lot especially the recruitment process it taught me to always be on my P’s and Q’s and be active.

Why did you choose to play LB? I’ve been playing since little league.

Can you play any other positions? Yes, last year I played receiver but I could also play rush DE and strong safety.

What stands out about the way you play? Speed and finesse.

What are you doing to get better? I workout when there is  no practice.

Do you have any goals for this season? 110 tackles and 10 sacks.

What do you bring to the table to a college team? A great personality , leader, and a great athlete.