Diamond in The Rough: Brooks Sturgeon

Brooks Sturgeon is a class of 2022 kicker and punter for Wesleyan Highschool in Norcross,GA. Sturgeon stands at 6’3,weighs 180, and is all about consistency. His resume includes Max prep junior all-americanpunter, first team all Georgia kicker, first team all Gwinnet county, 3x all-state, region special teams player of the year , and GPB standout. His incredible leg talent comes from his soccer backround.

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How long have you been playing football? Ive been playing since elementary school. 

Do you play any other sports besides football? My freshman and sophomore year I played soccer.

Do you prefer playing kicker or punter? I prefer punting because I feel like I am better at it and it comes with less pressure.

What part of your game do you think can use some work? Honestly I feel like there is room to improve on my kickoffs.

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What are you doing to get better? Almost everyday I go to the gym and practice kicking drills after.

What are you thinking pre-snap before a kick? I try to focus on keeping my mind blank because kicking is all mental.

How do you handle pressure from crowds on important punts/kicks? I tend not to feel the pressure because as soon as a I step on the field I get into my own head where everything is quiet.

How comfortable are you carrying the ball on trick plays? I have never been in that situation but, I would feel comfortable doing it. I feel like I have enough speed to get to the first down and slide.

What kind of teammate would others describe you as? I would say reliable and they know what they can expect from me whenever I step onto the field.

What is something recruiters should know about you? That I am hard working, consistent, and I don’t let the pressure get to me.

Why should colleges give you a chance? Because I know I am more than capable, i’ve won a lot of games for my team, and having a strong minded kicker gives the whole team more confidence.

How has football changed you as a person? I just view life differently now, after winning top two punter selection out of all high school players it made me realize just how blessed I am to have this opportunity and be in this position.

Why do you play football? Initially I started playing to make new friends , but now I play because i look at it as a challenge and I like to test my limits.

Has football taught you any valueable lessons?  at a certain point in life you need to be humbled down and in life you go through a lot of high and low points and football gives you both, you’ll have some good and bad days as a player.

What is something you did no tknow until you started playing football? The amount of time and dedication people put into playing a sport and all the hours put in preparing for a play that last only three seconds.