DITR: QB Brock Stomps

Brock Stomps is a 6’2 180 lbs QB. He attends Westminster Christian Academy (WCA) in Lafayette, LA. As a junior, he has put up outstanding numbers as a quarterback. Last season Brock was able to lead the WCA football team to an 8-2 record by throwing over 1900 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions through 203 attempts. This season he is off to a hot start. Through seven games he is showing why he is a rising QB star with him being ranked in the top 8 in the state of Louisiana in passing yards and ranked 1st in their freelance district with 1761 passing yards. He has led the WCA football team to a 5-2 record and is currently on a three-game winning streak. He currently has 5884 passing yards, 77 passing touchdowns, and 22 interceptions through 616 passing attempts for his career. We were able to talk and interview Brock.

Each season players look forward to something, rather it is playing a specific team or seeing how the team improved from last season. Last season Brock threw for over 1900 yards, 26 touchdowns, and 7 interceptions and this season he looks to improve and do better than what he did last season.

“I’m looking forward to playing with my brothers and bonding with them, so we have a great season.”

QB Brock Stomps – When asked about what he is looking forward to this season.

Every athlete has a moment where they fall in love with their sport. Each athlete has a starting point in their career.

“I started playing tackle football in kindergarten.”

QB Brock Stomps – When ask about what age he started playing football.

Teams cannot win if they do not play as one unit or together. Playing football requires you to play as a team, not one individual can carry a team to victory. Being a good teammate is important to a team’s success.

“A good teammate in my opinion is someone who is steady. They are positive when winning and when losing they pick up and push others to be their very best.”

QB Brock Stomps – When asked about what makes a good teammate.

Having a strong support system is important. Being able to have people that you can turn to whenever things get tough or even for motivation is important for young athletes. Most times when an athlete has people that always support them, it makes them play better as a player.

“My mom and dad are my biggest supporters. Through ups and downs they have always been by my side for me.”

QB Brock Stomps – When asked about who has supported him along his journey.

Brock is in his junior year of high school. He has received offers from John Melvin university, Lyon college, Bluefield University and Erskine College. He has also been invited to multiple game day visits this year including UL, ULM, LA Tech, and McNeese. He plans on going to Nicholls State and Jacksonville State University later this year.

“My plan after high school is to play college football and get a degree.”

QB Brock Stomps – When asked about his plans after High School.

Each player has different motivations for playing football. Having something or someone that motivates you as player, allows you to work harder to strengthen your craft.

“What motivates me is trying to prove people wrong. Many times, in my life I have been doubted and all that does is fuel me to work even harder.”

QB Brock Stomps – When asked about what motivates him to play or get better.

In order to get better as a football player, you have to study and watch some best players that play the game. To become a great football player, you have to learn and see what it takes to become great.

“I would model my game after Brett Farve. He has always been a QB I have studied. I love his gunslinger mentality and that he can make any pass on the field.”

QB Brock Stomps – When asked about who he would compare himself to or model game after

Last season Brock was able to lead his team to an 8-2 record and looks to improve on that. Being the quarterback means he has to lead and take control of his team. Coming into this season as an upperclassman, he looks to achieve just that.

“I learned that me and the junior class had to step up as leaders. With us only having one senior it is on us to lead this team through the summer grind and season struggles and success.”

QB Brock Stomps – When asked about what he learn about himself and the team last season.

A lot of professional athletes played multiple sports growing up. Some athletes are good enough to even be recruited in multiple sports.

“I also play basketball.”

QB Brock Stomps – When asked about playing other sports.