Gridiron Top 300: WR Brock Boyd, Southlake Carroll (Southlake, Texas)

Photos taken by: Cailyn Cashon

Brock Boyd is a 6’2, 180 lb receiver who is ready to dominate the competition next year. The 4 star receiver from the class of 2026 has blazing speed that he couples with his stocky frame to make big plays. Brock is not defined by a single receiver archetype. He can burn you downfield as a deep threat but he also possess great after the catch ability, as well as physicality that many receivers shy away from. To add to this already impressive resume, Brock also excels from the slot position. His quick head movements and shifty feet confuse any defender trying to keep up with him. The first thing you notice about Brock is his speed. He excels at the go route and gets behind the safeties almost every time. He runs an impressive 4.55s 40 yard dash and an even more eye opening 22.1s 200 meter dash. This is a testament to Brock’s speed, and ability to maintain that speed over a long distance. This helps him fly past the secondary and make plays deep down the field. As I mentioned before, Brock’s shiftiness is out of this world. Every movement he makes is fluid and none of them are wasted. His routes are crisp and his ability to turn on a dime is elite. This ability to move around the field confuses even the best defenders. Adding to these great attributes is prominent strength. Brock can barrel through any defender trying to tackle him, and his frame makes it even harder to bring him down. His stats in the weight room are substantial. Brock bench presses 235 lbs, squats 295 lbs and can powerclean 245 lbs. These are stellar for someone who still has 2 more years of high school ball to play. Brock had a standout season last year with 58 receptions for 825 yards and 7 touchdowns. Expect these numbers to increase heavily next season as Brock is the only returning receiver from last year. Brock had multiple standout games but his best came against Haltom High School where Brock had 100 yards and 2 touchdowns through the air. His attributes don’t come without recognition either. Brock was named 1st team All District for the work he did last season. He has also been hearing from some big name colleges. Brock currently holds offers from Baylor, Houston, Nebraska, Oklahoma, SMU, Texas Tech and many more. While he is committed on the field, he is equally as committed off of it. Brock currently holds a stellar 3.8/4.0 GPA. You don’t see too many elite receivers with this high of a ceiling, so Brock Boyd is a name to remember.

What motivates you to play the game of football?

I honestly think having an older brother who was really successful in high school football and seeing the opportunities he had that most kids don’t get. I think that really just taught me to strive towards playing the game of football.

What do you consider your biggest strength on the field?

I think how polished I am in my routes. I think my attention to detail is advanced and that definitely separates me.

You guys had that tough loss against DeSoto in the semi finals of the Texas High School Football Playoffs. What are you and the team learning from that loss to improve next season?

You know I think its honestly how hard you have to work in the offseason, especially the little details. I think the little details got us in that game. We were so good last year because of how connected we all were, we were literally like a family. I think we’re losing 18 starters this year so being able to rebuild that connection is what will take us deep again.

Are their any receivers that you really try and emulate on the field?

I would say Justin Jefferson for sure.

What are some goals for yourself, and your team next season?

For the team, I want to make it back to round 5 in the playoffs. I want to make semi’s at least but State is always the goal at Southlake. Personally, I want to be first team all state. I want to have over 1,200 yards receiving this year, on more than 65 receptions. Being the only returning receiver, I feel like I have to take on a bigger role.

You have some amazing offers on the table. What is the recruitment process like, and do any schools stick out for their recruiting style and persistence?

The recruiting part for me was crazy, especially getting offered at a young age. I would say some programs are definitely sticking out already. SMU, TCU, Nebraska, Houston, Baylor are all sticking out to me. There the schools that are in contact with me the most. There inviting me to spring practices, spring games, camps, they just show the love that they want me to be around the campus and around them.

What do you do outside of team training to get better? 

I go to my trainer who’s been training pro’s. I think he’s had over 70 receivers drafted, he’s one of the best. He trains Tyreek Hill, Chris Goodwin, all the big time receivers. I go to him, I focus on recovery a lot, I got my own personal strength coach who works with a lot of pros. It’s just getting your body right and getting your movements to become muscle memory.

What is the most challenging part of being a receiver?

I would say you have to be there mentally. You’re going to running a lot, your going to be tired, blocking is going to get physical, but you have to be able to have that confidence and swag going into each game. Whether it’s early or late in the game, you have to be the same guy 24/7.

What has been your biggest improvement since you started playing football?

I would say my confidence. I felt like last year the nerves would get the best of me during varsity games sometimes. This year, having the preparation made all the nerves go away and I could play freely. That opened up another side of me and allowed me to play to my potential.

Do you have any pre game rituals or superstitions?

Not really. I listen to music, I usually have the same meal every pre game. I’ll say a prayer before the game, I do that every game.

Who is your way too early Super Bowl winner prediction for next season?

I think the Dolphins have a chance this year.