DITR: QB Mike Jones, Malakoff High School (Malakoff, Texas)

There are multiple stars in Texas named Mike Jones, and this one isn’t the rapper. Mike Jones is a stellar quarterback from the class of 2025 who sits at 6’1, 190 lbs. Mike is an absolute stud. He led Malakoff to their first ever State Championship, a long with an undefeated record of 16-0 for the season. Mike definitely passes the eye test, having amazing presence in the pocket and a muscular build. His stats from this most recent season seem made up. Mike passed for 2,621 yards and 31 touchdowns on an astounding 171/251 completion rate. His arm isn’t the only way he can hurt you as he also ran for 831 yards and 14 touchdowns on the ground. Malakoff and Mike were a perfect combination this year. They would regularly have a winning margin of 30+, while beating teams by 70+ points some games. Surprisingly, Mike is currently a 0 star prospect, but I have no doubt he is going to have an even better season next year and earn himself the recognition he deserves. Mike had more than one standout game this season. He threw for 288 yards and 2 touchdowns against Mount Vernon, leading them to a 66-21 victory. He also threw an astounding 5 touchdowns against Eustace, routing them 76-7. The football field isn’t the only place Mike excels. He is a very decorated track runner, as well as a 5 tool guy on the baseball diamond. In the classroom, Mike shows unbelievable dedication. He holds a very impressive 3.6/4.0 GPA. Mike was the offensive MVP during the 3A Texas High School Football State Championship Game, throwing for 2 touchdowns as well as rushing for 115 yards and an additional touchdown on the ground. He is a very smart quarterback who knows when he needs to improvise. Because of this, I think his player comparison best fits the mold of Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen (minus the turnovers, he only threw 2 interceptions this season.) He has a cannon for an arm, and can throw the ball from any angle. He is very shifty in the pocket, evading sacks like a kid who doesn’t want to get caught in tag. He knows when to rocket the ball downfield, and when a play is collapsing, he saves it with his legs. Mike displays pinpoint accuracy, able to fit the ball into the tightest of coverages. His toughness is another attribute that I have to talk about. Mike rarely slides with the ball, usually inviting the contact. He can run over any defender, and displays a will to win like no other. A kid who has been playing football since he was in 5th grade, Mike is the ultimate quarterback to have on your roster. Get ready to watch Malakoff next season, as they will be must see TV.

What made you fall in love with the game of football? 

It was probably last season. Baseball used to be my main sport, but this most recent year we were really good and went really deep in the playoffs. The game became really fun to me, I really enjoyed it. I knew what I could do with our team, so after last year I just fell in love with it. Coming into my junior season, I wanted to win state and just fully fell in love.

What is your best on-the-field attribute?

I would say I’m a good leader with the team. I’m very vocal. We have a couple guys on our team that are great leaders, there just not as vocal. I want to know everything so I can get everyone ready. If someone is struggling with someone, I know what they are supposed to do. I like to be that field general.

How did it feel to finally bring Malakoff their first state championship trophy?

It felt really good. After 102 years of us not winning it, I came into that game wanting it bad. I probably wanted it more than anyone else on that field. It felt good to get that for the community, and everybody. I really wanted it so it was an unbelievable feeling.
Mike taking off with the football

What are some goals for yourself, and for your team next season?

For myself, just getting better than I was last year. It’s the same goal for the team next year, go undefeated and win state again. For myself, I want to improve my arm talent as well.

What is the most challenging part of playing quarterback?

It’s a lot of pressure. You gotta know everything and everyone else’s assignments. You have to know what the defense is doing. On top of that you have to be a baller, you gotta take hits, you gotta move around and put the ball in tight spots. To me, it’s the hardest position to play in all of sports.

I know that you are a 3 sport athlete with track and baseball. Do you notice any skills transfer from those sports to football?

Definitely in baseball. Running for track is a big one too. My arm talent came from baseball, I’ve been throwing a baseball since I could walk. I feel like that always helps me with football.
Mike showing off his cannon of an arm

What has been your biggest improvement on the field since you started playing football?

Probably just knowing the game and slowing it down. My sophomore year, the game was so sped up and I didn’t know that much. Once my junior year came around I knew everything and the game was super slow to me.

What is your dream college, and are you in talks with any?

I would say my dream college has always been Texas Tech. I got family down there and I like Lubbock. I’ve talked to Tech a little bit, they invited me to a camp. I’ve also been talking to UTEP a little bit.

Are there any QB’s you try and model your game after?

I would say a little bit of Josh Allen and a little bit of Patrick Mahomes. I love Pat Mahomes and I love how tough Josh Allen is. We had a defensive coordinator this year who is really big into toughness. I slid a couple times during games, and he was in my year yelling at me. I see Josh Allen run the ball and he’s either trying to hurdle the defender or run right through them. I went down once in the State Championship game but that’s it. Other than that I’m looking to run through somebody. Arm talent, I look at Patrick Mahomes because he was also a baseball player in high school. I can throw the ball from all different angles like Pat, I have a pretty good sidearm, and cross body throw. I feel like I can model myself towards him a little bit.
Mike running in a touchdown on the ground

Do you have any pre game rituals or superstitions?

I did, it wasn’t anything too much. I would usually walk the field and then go stretch and listen to music on my own. It’s not a meditation but I sit there going through my thoughts and calming down. I stretch some, and that’s pretty much it before a game.

Way too early Super Bowl winner prediction for next season?

I’m a Cowboys fan, so I would love for them to do it but it’s never going to happen. Honestly I think the Chiefs are going to do it again.