LSU Practice Report #7: QB2 & WR3 Continues To Shuffle While Young Defensive Backs Emerge

This week marks the last week of LSU spring practice as the spring game will kickoff on Saturday so it will be the last time the coaching staff will get to work with the players before fall camp.

Because of that, players are going to take the most out of their opportunities, especially the young players. There have been a lot of big winners that took part in spring practice including the defensive backs. At cornerback, PJ Woodland continues to make strides getting first team reps on one side of the football. He and sophomore cornerback Ashton Stamps have impressed cornerbacks coach Corey Raymond at this point as the first year and second year players are leading the reps.

Meanwhile, Javien Toviano, Jeremiah Hughes, Jyaire Brown, and JK Johnson are either transfers or second year guys that are getting in the mix at corner. When it comes to the safety position, it is a more veteran position as of now with Sage Ryan and Major Burns getting the starting reps, but Texas A&M transfer Jardin Gilbert is the third safety in the starting rotation.

However, like the cornerbacks, there are some young safeties emerging in camp including freshman Da’Shawn McBryde and redshirt freshman Ryan Yaites that have getting some looks either at safety or at nickel.

A final sidenote on the defensive side of the football is at the interior of the defensive line. An underrated name that I have not pointed out throughout spring practice is Kimo Makaneole, who has made the position change from the offensive line to the defensive line. As thin as the interior has been for LSU, Makaneole has taken advantage of the change of scenery and has gotten some first team reps alongside Jacobian Guillory and Jalen Lee.

Offensively, there has been some shuffling at a few key positions. At quarterback, Garrett Nussmeier has locked up the QB1 spot, but it has been an ongoing battle throughout spring on who will be Nussmeier’s backup. Both AJ Swann and Rickie Collins have switched back and forth working the second team, and today, it was Swann getting the second team reps.

Surrounding Swann, the second team consisted of Kaleb Jackson at running back, Zavion Thomas, Kyle Parker, CJ Daniels at wide receiver, Tyree Adams at left tackle, Paul Mubenga at left guard, Coen Echols at center, Jo Cryer at right guard, and Bo Bordelon at right tackle.

The first team has been consistent with Nussmeier at quarterback, Josh Williams at running back, Kyren Lacy and Chris Hilton Jr. at wide receiver, Will Campbell at left tackle, Garrett Dellinger at left guard, DJ Chester at center, Miles Frazier at right guard, and Emery Jones at right tackle, but the third wide receiver position has been shuffled throughout the course of spring as it started out being Kyle Parker and now, it has been Aaron Anderson getting those reps.

Like the QB2 spot, the WR3 spot could be shuffled around not only through spring, but also through fall camp as head coach Brian Kelly has stated that there are six to seven players that can make an impact at the receiver position.

This Saturday’s spring game is going to be another big opportunity for players to either secure their spot or rise up the depth chart heading into the fall.

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