December 3, 2022

DITR: Lynkon Romero

Lynkon Romero is class of 2024 quarterback for Erath High School. He maintains a 4.0 GPA and made a 22 on his ACT. He stands at 6’3 and weighs 190 pounds. He benches 175, squats 315 pounds, power cleans 215 pounds, and his 40 yard time was 4.8. His last season stats include 2,291 passing yards, 24 passing touchdowns, 416 rushing yards, and 4 rushing touchdowns. Some of Lynkon’s achievements include 1st Team All-District, 1st Team All-Parish, and All State Honorable Mention. Lynkon has good coordination and can also run the ball. 

Tell me a little bit about yourself.

L: I’m from Erath, Louisiana. I play sports all the time I play football and baseball and I’m on a 7 on 7 team in the summer.

Can you tell me what made you play football?

L: I’ve been playing since I was 4. My dad played college football.

What is going through your mind before a game?

L: I just listen to music and talk to my friend. I  like to make sure we’re all on the sam page.

What is something you’ve learned in football that you’ve been able to apply in everyday life?

L: If you don’t work hard and strive for what you want then it won’t happen.

What is an academic and athletic goal you have set for this year?

L: Academic is to finish with As. My athletic goal is to get all state for football.

What is something that keeps you motivated to be a great athlete?

L: My family and coaches always keep me motivate.

What is your biggest strength?

L: I’m always positive throughout the game and try to keep my teammates ready and doing their best.

What are you most excited for when you think about your future in football?

L: I can’t wait to play college football and looking up to the people that played before me.

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