DITR: Jayven Claybrook

Jayven Claybrook is a Class of 2023 wide receiver for Logansport High School in Logansport, Louisiana. At 6-1, 210 pounds, Jayven is one of the most underrated upcoming seniors in the state. Although his name is not known nationally, he has accomplished quite a lot during his high school career. Jayven is coming off an incredible junior season in which he had 85 receptions for 1,541 yards and 23 touchdowns, which are all single season school records at Logansport. Not to mention, he also had five more touchdowns on the ground. The 1st Team All-District and All-State wide receiver led the Tigers to the Class 1A State Championship game last season. This big physical wide receiver has deceptive speed and attacks the football in the air as good as anybody that I saw play last year. He is the main offensive weapon for the Tigers, but he is also just as dangerous when he is involved in the blocking game. The Tigers have produced some great offensive playmakers such as John Stephens Jr. and Key’Savalyn Barnes, who are both playing for the UL Ragin’ Cajuns. Now, Jayven Claybrook will certainly be the next great player to come from this accomplished program.

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When did you start playing football?

“I started playing football in seventh grade. I used to play basketball a lot, but when I got involved with football in junior high, that’s when I realized that I could be pretty good at football.”

What have you improved the most as a player from seventh grade to now?

“I’ve really improved in every aspect of my game, especially my speed, catching ability, and really my attitude.”

You had such an incredible junior season last year. What was the biggest highlight for you in having the record breaking season?

“Definitely having the game winning touchdown against Oak Grove to send us to the state championship. The play was actually not designed to even go to me. That play was designed just to pick up a first down. However, I got the ball and I made a play.”

You touched the football a lot last season, especially in the state championship game. What is it like to touch the football that much over the course of the season?

“At the end of the state championship game, I couldn’t even walk. The game before that, I touched the football a lot too. I did touch the football a lot in the running and receiving game, but none more than that two game period.”

What are the biggest strengths to your game?

“I know how to make plays with the football, but I actually get the most pleasure in blocking. In fact, I get more excited making a huge block than scoring a touchdown.”

What are you trying to improve on the most before the start of your senior season? Also, do you have any goals that you want to accomplish for the season?

“I am always trying to work on getting faster and stronger. I am also trying to better my numbers from last year too.”

As a receiver, what route do you enjoy running the most?

“I like running either a comeback route or a deep route. I love any route that is going to give me a chance at a 50/50 ball.”

Is there a college or NFL wide receiver that you like to model your game after?

“I’ve always looked up to Davante Adams and Julio Jones. I also look up to my brother John Stephens Jr.”

Your brother was a Logansport great himself and is now playing football for the Ragin’ Cajuns. How has he helped you become the player that you are now?

“There is a lot of work involved. Anytime that we are around each other, we are working. The biggest advice he has given me is to keep grinding. The way I see it is that there is only one starting spot up for grabs and I have to outwork the other guy to get it.”

After falling short to Homer in the Class 1A State Championship game last year, how has the team approached the offseason getting ready for the fall?

“Ever since losing the state championship in New Orleans, everybody on the team is hungry trying to get back from the oldest player to the youngest.”

What has been the camp circuit like this offseason and what school has drawn your attention the most so far?

“I have been to Lamar, Louisiana Tech, and Louisiana Christian’s football camps. I really like Louisiana Tech because they do want to throw the football a lot.”

Who are some people that you want to thank for helping you become the player that you are today?

“I want to thank my coaches, my mother, my second mother, and the rest of my family. They have been with me this whole time.”

Despite all the records and accolades, your name is still flying under the radar in the state. What is your message to college coaches that are trying to recruit a player with your skill set?

“If you are looking for somebody that is going to make a play with or without the ball in their hands, that person is me. I am the right guy.”

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