DITR: EDGE Daeshon Morgan, Vandegrift High School (Austin, Texas)

Daeshon Morgan is a dominant edge rusher from the class of 2025. The 6’4, 260 lb prospect attends Vandegrift High School in Austin, Texas. The first thing you notice about Daeshon is his sheer size. He is a massive human being who towers over most of his competition. His frame makes it a big challenge to block him in the trenches. He muscles past offensive linemen and terrorizes the pocket on every play. Daeshon puts in hours of work in the weight room, and it’s apparent. On top of being able to wreck the pocket at any given moment, Daeshon has insanely impressive measurables in the weight room. He most recently bench pressed 370 lbs and squatted 450 lbs. Possessing this strength as a junior in high school is scary to see. Daeshon has one of the highest ceilings I have seen in a lineman with almost unlimited potential. Something else you notice about Daeshon is his craftiness. He has a plethora of moves he uses to evade being blocked. Out of this arsenal, his spin moves appear to be his favorite, and for good reason. Daeshon is able to spin off of any block and move lineman completely out of the way. This is a testament to Daeshon’s agility. None of his movements are wasted and he is always in the flow of the game. His quick feet confuse lineman and make it easy for him to disrupt the quarterback. You can see this in the 3 cone shuttle that Daeshon completes in an impressive 4.14s. This absolute dominance can be seen in his stats for the season. In 11 games, Daeshon recorded 40 tackles with 15 of them being for a loss and 6 sacks. His best game came against Round Rock Westwood where Daeshon posted 6 total tackles, 2 tackles for loss, and 2 sacks. Daeshon’s talents were recognized when he was named to the All District 1st team for this season. That’s not all as Daeshon holds a total of 11 D1 offers. These offers come from the likes of Texas Tech, UNLV, University of Houston, Arizona State, and many more great programs. Daeshon is just as committed off the field as he is on it. He currently holds a 3.6/4.0 GPA, very commendable. A young man who has been playing since he was in 3rd grade, Daeshon is a great addition to any defensive line.

What made you fall in love with the game of football?

At first, I was soft. I was never a hard hitter, I never wanted to be hit. Once I learned that I could go somewhere with this, I thought might as well give it a try and it has clicked ever since. Ever since then, I was happy to play football. Watching my favorite team, The New Orleans Saints, and seeing the big boys get sacks and celebrate gets me really excited. When I’m playing I want to be like those guys, like Cam Jordan and all of them.

What do you consider your best on the field attribute?

I would say my power. I was training all offseason to make sure no one could grab ahold of me and put me against my will. I want to control them and put them against their will. I would also say effort, it’s a team sport so if one person is not giving their at it will mess up the whole team. On the backside of plays, I do my best to hustle to the ball no matter what. It does not matter how tired I am because small moments like separate teams. Always hustling is a big part of my life. It’s not always easy for my family and I but my mom told me “You need to go and get it” so that’s always in the back of my head. I’m always hustling.

You guys had that tough last-second field goal loss against Lake Travis in the playoffs. What are you guys learning from that game to improve next season?

The main thing I learned is that stuff just happens and it’s part of the game. My biggest issue is getting into my own head and that game I feel like I did a lot better of that than I normally do. I started having positive talk and given that it wasn’t our outcome, you still have to encourage your teammates and let them know to keep their heads up. We always got next year and that’s what we are fighting for. We want to go up against Lake Travis again so we can prove ourselves. Personally, that was not my best game but I am able to bounce back now and get right.
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How do you think your history of playing flanker in rugby has helped you as an edge rusher in football?

In rugby, the tackling form helps you a lot more. It makes you a heat-seeking missile for the ball. It teaches you about pad level because we are always low, you can’t tackle high or you will get a penalty. It taught me how to be and stay low. Instead of being a helicopter going straight up, I want to be an airplane going straight out. Little things like that help build my game. Rugby is a mix of soccer and football because you have the soccer conditioning and football hitting. I have never felt so conditioned in my life.

Are there any edge rushers that you try and emulate on the field?

I want to be like Myles Garrett. He has a good frame and he knows how to control his body. He is very lengthy and knows how to get the ball and shake the O line. His quickness, first step, power, it’s all perfect. I want to be more like him but be more my own person in a way.

You have some great offers on the table so far. What is that recruitment process like, and do any colleges stand out to you for their recruiting style and persistence?

I am enjoying the recruiting process. I am very nonchalant about things but you always have to count your blessings. I am truly grateful and blessed to be in a position where I am being offered because you cannot get complacent. Always keep grinding. It does get busy at times because a lot of coaches are calling me. You have to take it with a grain of salt because many people are not blessed with this opportunity. Some colleges that are pulling for me are Texas Tech, Cal, Arizona State, and TCU. They’re sending a lot of mail and I’m gonna keep praying and keep grinding.
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What has been your biggest improvement since you started playing football?

My aggression. Like I told you earlier, I wasn’t very aggressive. My eyes for the ball and my football IQ have increased because I’ve been watching film. It’s either my old film and seeing what I could do better, watching the great ones before me, or scouting my opponent. Breaking down offensive film with my trainer has been a huge help as well. He does it on a larger scale, it’s not all about hitting hard and big plays but doing your job first. Before you get the cake and cookies in the backfield, you need your dinner.

What are some goals for yourself and for your team next season?

The team, once again needs to get back to our standard of going deep in the playoffs. I want this to be the closest team we have ever had. I want this team to be everything we are supposed to be. Even if we don’t go all the way in the end, we’re still a brotherhood that is unmatched. Personally, I want 10-15 sacks and do everything right to the best of my ability. I want to read my blocks correctly and work in a second move.

What are you doing outside of team practice to get better?

In the offseason, I train 4 times a week. We have morning lifts, after school lifts, and then I go train with my trainer. We do a lot of speed work, we do hands, sometimes he quizzes me on line blocks and formations and sets. We’re working at least 4 days a week getting better. I’ve been working on my stance and starts. Another big thing for me is my rehab. I never really did it after I was injured for the past two years. This is my first year really playing so rehab was a big thing for me.

Who is your way too-early Super Bowl winner prediction for this upcoming season?

I’m always going Saints no matter what. We need a miracle but the Saints.
Photo Credits: Black Diamond Photos