DITR: WR/RB/DB/KR/PR Kyler Singletary, Cypress Woods High School (Cypress, Texas)

Kyler Singletary is a 5’7, 160 lb swiss army knife from the class of 2025. The athlete out of Cypress Woods High School plays receiver, running back, defensive back, as well as kick and punt return man. Kylers ability as a receiver has not gone unnoticed, as he earned 1st team all district as a pass catcher. Kyler was also a recipient of the Louisiana Hot Sauce Play Of The Year award with a 95 yard kickoff return touchdown. Kyler uses crafty footwork to confuse defenders, and once he hits the open field, good luck trying to catch him. Running an unofficial 4.5 second 40 yard dash, he blows past defenders trying to wrap him up. He has amazing hands, regularly able to bring the rock in with a single hand. The way Kyler uses his body is very efficient as well. He knows how to angle his hips to fake out and burst past defenders, along with the ability to make a cut on a dime. Footwork is also a key point to his game. There have been many times where he toe- tapped touchdowns, many of them being closely covered. He is very unique in the sense that he excels at any position he plays. His ability to quickly burst out of a standing position is key to his ability to play receiver, running back, and return man at a high level. His ability to dish out ground shaking hits and stay with his man, help him on the defensive side of the ball. Kyler is truly a one of a kind player, and any coach would be lucky to have him on his team. Watch out for Kyler to continue excelling next season.

What made you love the game of football?

I started playing when I was 4 so I grew up with it. It became an everyday thing for me and I just fell in love with it.

What are some goals you have for yourself, and your team next season?

Definitely getting over the hump of passing the first round of the playoffs, but I believe in myself and my boys to do it this season.

You are pretty much a swiss army knife out there on the field. Do you have a favorite position and why?

Definitely receiver. I’ve played it my whole life and I feel like you can be more electric as a receiver. You can showcase more skills.

Who do you try and emulate on the field?

I usually look up YouTube videos of short players in the league who are electric. I see how they play, and it shows me how I need to develop to play in college. I want to be like Tavon Austin or Zay Flowers.

Outside of football, what are your hobbies?

I go to the gym 6 days a week, so I enjoy that. I like to play video games too.

Do you have a dream college?

I dream to play at University of Miami. I went on an unofficial visit there last spring and it was really nice, I enjoyed it a lot. They have some amazing facilities and an amazing campus. It also stays hot and I hate the cold so it feels like a perfect fit.

What are some ways your coaches have helped you?

Anytime you’re feeling down, my coaches always have that positive attitude to bring you back up and enlighten you.

In Cypress, you mainly play in big stadiums such as the Berry Center or Pridgeon Stadium. Do you think that helps with the nerves of playing in front of big crowds?

Yes sir, I think it does. I also think it motivates you to want and play in front of those big crowds, so you gotta work even harder to get that.

Do you have a favorite highlight of yourself playing?

It was my sophomore year playing Katy Taylor. I had a catch and made two defenders hit each other and I scored. That was my sophomore year so it really showed me that I could do something with this.
Kyler’s touchdown catch against Katy Taylor

What is your biggest strength on the field?

Definitely having the vision and speed to make people miss. I make people miss in a way they aren’t used to.

Do you have a way too early Super Bowl winner prediction for next season?

Dang, I gotta think about that. I’m gonna go with the Packers I think.