March 28, 2023

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DITR: Aiden Martinez

Aiden Martinez is a 6’3, 280 pound class of 2023 offensive lineman from Belen Jesuit Prep in Miami, Florida. Aiden’s versatility along the offensive line immediately stood out about this guy. It’s not often that guys make a strong impact from every position up front. The junior offensive lineman brings a physicality that overwhelms opposing defenders constantly. He displayed the ability to hold his own in passing and run blocking for the Wolverine offense. Aiden is a multisport athlete and adds a 3.65 GPA. Expect big things from this guy in his senior year.

Tell me a little bit about when you started playing the game of football.

I first started playing pee wee football. I stopped for a little bit to play basketball but got back into football in 6th grade. My cousin got me to start back playing, now I’m just working every day to try and get better and showcase my talents.

What’s it like being one of the big guys up front and being in the “trenches” as an offensive lineman?

It’s just a dog fight. It’s the only position where you can hit someone every play. You’re going at it with another man eye to eye, face to face every play. You can’t be scared and have to be ready to bring it to him. When you’re dominating its fun but when you’re not, it isn’t fun. Nothing is sweet.

How will you help impact a college program? What can they expect from you?

They can expect 110% effort every snap at practice and in games. I’m a big, dominant, physical player who doesn’t shy away from contact. I’ll help my teammates. I played almost every position along the o line this season. I’m a vocal, natural leader.

Heading into your senior season, what goals have you set out to accomplish for yourself? What do you hope the team accomplishes?

I want to pick up offers in the offseason. I want to add 15 more pounds of muscle. I’m going to work with my coaches and trainers to just become a better player overall. For the team, we were 7-3 this season and lost in the playoffs. I think next season we can be better then 7-3, make a run in the playoffs, and make it to state and try to become a powerhouse.

WHat are your greatest qualities on the football field?

I feel like I’m just a dog. When ever I put my mind to something nothing can really stop me. I have good instincts. I’m good at predicting what defensive lineman and linebackers will do. I’m very physical and try to put someone on the ground every play. I’m versatile.

How do you prepare for games?

I watch film on who I’m going against every week and try to make a list of their tendencies. I start with the defensive end and see what he likes to do. I try to prepare myself against what they’ll do. Without film, preparation, and practice it’s hard to win.

How do you want to be remembered once your high school career concludes?

As one of the best lineman in school history and hopefully the country. I set an example of hard work and dedication. That I never let others influence me, I always kept my head down, and put in work.

Tell me some lessons the game of football has taught you.

Definitely that you always have to think of others and not only yourself. If you’re the only one succeeding then your team won’t. The game taught me to always have integrity and character. When no one is around, are you working?

Click here to watch Aiden’s highlights

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