August 19, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Tyrone Brown

Tyrone Brown is a 3-star middle linebacker prospect from Orange, Texas. He is listed at 5’11’ 205 and is a starter at West Orange High School. Tyrone is a very physical player, with speed and an ability to find to the ball and make plays. He has very good footwork, enough so that he doesn’t miss open-field tackles and trusts that he will be able to be in the right spot at the right time. He plays a lot like Bobby Wagner from the Seahawks, which is someone he idolizes. As of now, Tyrone is committed to play college football at Baylor.

How long have you been playing football?

 I’ve been playing for a very long time, maybe about eight or nine years or so.

Is football the only sport you play or have you ever played anything else?

My first sport was actually basketball and then I started playing football and found out that I was better at it. So, I stopped playing basketball to focus on football and I’ve stuck with football ever since.

What do you think is one of your biggest accomplishments you’ve had since you started playing football?

As an individual, obviously I’m committed to Baylor, but I got to win the award for top linebacker. 

How is the last season for yourself and for the team?

It was a good season, I think we could have done better. We have pretty high standards but it wasn’t a terrible season, I think it was overall pretty decent.

How about for yourself personally how do you feel coming out of last year?

I feel like I definitely got better. Personally I think I could have done a little bit better, but I feel pretty good. I feel like I am a better player headed into this season.

So, what kind of expectations do you have this season?

We just started doing like scrimmages and Jamboree official first week of high school starts I expect us to win state and individually I just want to be a better team leader

What do you think you could improve on the most?

 as far as athletically I think I could improve in almost every category of my game but I think the biggest thing is that I need to learn to just read and react better and trust my instincts

I don’t know if you watch college football or the NFL but if you do, or even if you don’t, is there anybody that you’ve ever watched that you try to model your game after?

Yeah, there’s a couple of people actually Bobby Wagner will be a big one and then maybe Terrel Bernard who plays for Baylor  and Patrick Queen from LSU last year.

 What kind of things do you like to do in your free time?

 I love to work out and to hang out with friends and family.

How often do you watch film?

I try to watch film on myself maybe once or twice a week and I spend the rest of my time watching film really watching the opponent. I try to watch it as soon as it drops over the weekends and keep watching it up until Thursday of the game and even some Friday obviously before the game.

So, how have you stayed in shape since a lockdown began?

When I first started playing football, my dad became one of the biggest reasons I wanted to play and one of my biggest supporters and he was always pushing me and helping me get bigger and stronger and so he was helping me out a lot over the quarantine I just went to him and told him I wanted to get better and he took time out of his day to sit down with me and figure stuff out and help me get ready for the season.

How would you say you get ready for a game on Fridays?

A big part is watching film but honestly I just get focused like I don’t know how to really explain it I just naturally get locked in I don’t really talk too much I just keep my mind on the task at hand and I don’t really get distracted 

How long after a game do you start preparing for your next opponent?

Film normally drops for the next team on Saturdays, so on the weekends you know I watch film but mostly just try to enjoy a little bit of my weekend but definitely by Monday at the latest hitting the field and watching film horrorcore getting ready for the next team

What do you think you love the most about playing football?

What I love the most is getting to make contact with people and not get in any type of trouble for it, especially on the defensive side where you can be as physical as you want and usually not deal with any repercussions. Playing football gives me an opportunity to take out my anger and relieve stress. I just love playing the game, but that’s probably what I love the most about it.

How would you describe yourself as a player and then how do you think your teammates would describe you?

I feel like my teammates would consider me a leader and I wanted to make sure that I’m fulfilling that role. As far as how I would describe myself, I try to be a straight-up killer on the field and I think my teammates know that that’s how I am too.

What’s your biggest motivation and what do you hope to accomplish by playing football?

To be honest I never knew that football would last this long.  I never knew that I would get a chance to take it to the next level, but next on my plate is making it to college and trying to be a good ball player for Baylor. Obviously my ultimate goal is to make it to the league. I’m motivated to succeed because the biggest thing that irritates me in life is when somebody tells me I can’t do something and for the longest time I didn’t think I would be able to make it this far but I have made it and I am going to keep going; so my biggest motivation would definitely be like being able to prove the doubters wrong.

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