Diamond in the Rough: Torey Lambert

Torey Lambert is a class of 2023 running back out of Brother Martin High School in New Orleans, Louisiana. He is 6’0 and weighs around 200 pounds. Torey is an excellent back with great speed. Growing up in a football household, Torey has a high IQ for the game and it’s very visible while watching him play. He has incredible vision and does a great job of using his high IQ to make quick decisions on the field. Torey is very explosive running downhill. He uses his strength to run through arm tackles and uses his speed to burst into the secondary. He can be a force to be reckoned with his elite speed and quickness. He has good balance and his one-cut ability is incredible. He does well at bursting out of cuts and using his acceleration to break out beyond the second level. Torey has soft hands and does a good job of reading the field and staying behind blockers on screen plays. He also has a powerful stiff arm and elite elusiveness.

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When did you start playing football?

I started playing football at 4 years old. I was playing up with the 5 and 6 year olds. I always liked to play up with the competition.

What would you say is your biggest strength is on the field?

I think, my balance, my speed, and my IQ. I know the ins and outs of almost every position because I’ve been around coaching my whole life. So, it just comes naturally. 

Did you have a personal goal for this season?

I wanted to basically do better than last year. Nothing really in specific terms, but obviously I wanted to avenge the other classes that paved the way for us just to get here. And reward them with seeing us challenge for a state championship. 

What have you learned about yourself playing football?

I learned that it takes a lot of toughness, mentally and physically. You have to be smart in the game to progressively grow as well. 

Are there any current NFL or college players that you study their film and model your game after?

I like Saquon Barkley. I like the style of how he runs. He has a unique type of run style I would say. How he is patient, but there’s another old running back, Barry Sanders obviously. There’s a running back at TCU I like to watch as well, Kendre Miller. 

Could you describe a time that you might have experienced some type of adversity?

I think this year I experienced the most adversity in my whole career because of the ankle injury. I have never been injured in the last 5 years I’ve been at Brother Martin since 8th grade. It was very weird, very unnatural not being able to practice and play against St. Thomas More. Which is a team I’ve been wanting to play against them since I was little because I’ve known about that program since I was little. They’re a great program and West Monroe as well. We didn’t play them in the Covid year. We haven’t played them in two years but, yeah that was the most adversity for me. This is the first year I missed a game, but we overcame that and you play your best football in the playoffs. 

Being a senior this year, what would you say is your role on the team as a leader? Are you more of a vocal leader or silent type of leader?

I’m not much of a vocal leader, I just lead by example. We have two leaders that are very vocal, Nick Malek and Brenden Leblanc. They’re our vocal leaders, they get us very hyped, they get us ready. We all work together to be great leaders for the team. 

Football aside, who is your biggest role model/someone you look up to?

Oh, that’s my brother Corey Lambert. He goes to Colorado State right now. He has always thought of me since we were little.  He’s always thought of me being better than him or at least trying to be better than him. He always wants me to be better. When we were in like the third quarter, I got a text message at 8:49, the game was not even over with. He texted me literally saying, I always knew you were that dawg, you’re a dawg. It’s just that brotherly love. It feels weird not playing with him anymore. Going back to the question you were saying about goals, that reminds me of how I want to make it there for us, because we always dreamed about that. He’s not going to be able to go to the game, but I know he’s going to be able to watch it. I wish he was there because that’s one of the most important people in my life. 

What do you love about playing the game of football?

Touchdowns are nice, but what you build is really important to me as well. You learn a lot just from one snap, one second on the clock, or the type of situation you are in. It shows what type of person you are, like perseverance and how tough you are in the game. 

What are some of your hobbies? Do you play any other sports? 

I run track at Brother Martin. Our head coach, Brad Duplechain, he gets us right. We run mainly the 400, he loves the 400. He had me doing hurdles two years ago, that was my first time doing the hurdles. He helped me become a regional MVP. He’s great, he helped go the state championship and I finished in 7th as a sophomore. Last year, I got back to the state championship and finished in 6th, so moving up every year. I like art too as well. 

What makes you special and different from the thousands of other athletes trying to play college football? What separates you from everyone else?

I think my wit and my confidence in myself. I gained that confidence ever since my sophomore year. Personally, I think that I can be one of the best backs in the nation, one of the best in the state. I mean that’s all opportunity, it goes off opportunities to showcase your abilities, and I think I do that very well to where I can show my abilities to college coaches. Showing them what I got, but also my speed. I’m a track guy, I can run 4.4-4.5 forty. Being that it helps me out in football and I do track to help me out as well. 

What is something that you want college coaches to know about you? 

Well, my recruitment is wide open. I just want them to know my recruitment is about me and only me. If you want a back that has confidence, has wit, is a track guy, who can take it to the house and bang his head on the goal post. Also a guy who is a leader, because one of my goals that I tell college coaches all time. My college goal is that I want to be a captain first year because I mean that sets the tone. If you’re a captain and you are a young guy, that speaks volume. If you want a running back that has speed, has a high IQ, has confidence in himself, that was wit, call over here at Brother Martin.

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