March 28, 2023

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Diamond in the Rough: Jaylon Domingeaux

Comeaux High School
Lafayette, LALafayette, LA

Jaylon “JD” Domingeaux is a class of 2023 Wide receiver from Comeaux High School in Lafayette, Louisiana. He is an athletic and big-bodied receiver standing at 6’4” and 190-Pounds. 

He has a very fast release from the line of scrimmage and uses his leverage when breaking in and out of routes to create separation from Db’s. He also uses his height extremely well to win contested balls but also possesses the speed to get down field in a hurry. 

To View Jaylon “JD” Domingeaux’s Highlights Visit the Link Below!!!

Do you have any goals for the rest of 2022?   The goals I have for the rest of 2022 are to sign d1 and go ball as a true freshman.   

What is your biggest strength as a football player? My biggest strength as a football player is my athleticism and ability to do anything on the field.

What makes you different than every other recruit in the country?  My mentality and swagger are definitely what makes me stand out from every recruit in the country. 

What is your proudest achievement in football? When I first moved to Comeaux I was told I wasn’t good enough to play d1 football so I just put my head down and grind to show everyone who didn’t believe in me.

If you had to compare yourself to a college or professional player, Who would it be? Why? I would compare my athletic traits to DK Metcalf but my mental aspect of the game is Kobe Bryant.   

What is something you are looking for in a college program during your recruitment?  I’m looking for a home away from home in a college while getting recruited so I can enjoy my time there. 

What’s your favorite football memory? My favorite football memory was winning my first Superbowl championship in peewee with people who are family to me now.

What is something you would want college coaches to know about you?  I would want college coaches to know that they shouldn’t be afraid to take their shot with me and believe and trust me that I will come on as a true freshman and produce great numbers.

Who is someone you look up to off the football field?  I really do not look up to anyone off the field because I want to make my own name and create my own legacy.  

What role do you play as a leader on the team? My role as team leader is to basically lead by example and get in people’s stuff when they’re doing wrong but I love my teammates and would go to war behind them any time of the day on and off the field bc I just want all of them to be great in life so I push them to there limits and get on them when I know they’re not giving it 110%. 

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