DITR: Nasir Hudson

The New Orleans area is always filled with large amounts of talent. However, because of the large amount of talent, there tend to be some players that tend to never get seen on the radar.

A perfect player that fits this description is Warren Easton High School DE/OLB Nasir Hudson. Hudson is a part of the Class of 2024 and is one of the best edge rushers in New Orleans. The Warren Easton program has always had some pretty good sleepers in the past few seasons and Hudson could be the next one. Although he made the All-District team last season as an offensive lineman, he is most effective coming off the edge on the defensive line and he will mostly play there this season. The 6-3, 235-pound edge rusher has an offer from Grambling and could see more coming his way as the season progresses.

In the weight room, he benches 300, squats 425 and power cleans 275. He also runs a 4.8 in the forty-yard dash. Not only that he is a great student with a 3.2 GPA and has taken a couple of college courses with Warren Easton High School’s dual-enrollment program with the University of New Orleans.

I had the chance to talk with him on the phone and asked him a few questions.

When did you initially start playing football and what initially stood out to you the most?

I started playing football at Ponchatrain Park when I was five years old. I loved how the game was played so I just stuck with it.

What would you say are your biggest attributes as a player?

My biggest attributes are getting to the ball and my high motor.

What do you consider to be the most exciting memory of your high school career?

I have two. In the game against Kennedy my sophomore, I was on the offensive line and I made a pancake block. When I did that, the crowd went ‘oooooooo’. My second favorite memory was when I made a sack in the endzone to cause a safety against St. Aug in our scrimmage against them.

Who or what are your biggest motivators?

My biggest motivators are my family, teammates and coaches.

With everything going on with the team this season, how have you motivated your team through this difficult time?

I tell them to keep their heads up and play their hardest. It’s hard to motivate the team at times as I sometimes have to realize that it is not just me who is going through this.

What hobbies do you enjoy when you are not playing football?

I like to work out a lot and go on jogs.

How do you balance football and academics?

My parents stay with me about my schoolwork and I study a lot. My parents always tell me my schoolwork comes before sports. Because I love football so much, it makes me want to do my work even more. I have maintained a 3.2 GPA throughout my high school career and I believe I’m a true student-athlete.

What separates you from the rest of the pack?

I’m coachable, I’m very confident, my willing to be coached and my work ethic. I don’t feel like nobody can outwork me when I get on the field.

At the end of your high school career, how do you want your teammates and coaches to remember you?

I want them to remember me as a great person and teammate that you could come talk to about anything. I also want them to remember me as someone who did the right thing and didn’t jeopardize everything.