Diamond in the Rough: Gunnar Chase

Gunnar Chase is an offensive lineman in the class of 2024 who play for Ball High School in Galveston, Texas. At 6’3 and 295 lb., Gunnar has impressive size and was most recently voted an all district honorable mention for his schools conference. Primarily used at the right guard position, Gunnar showed rare dynamic flexibility in shining as both a pass protector and in the run blocking game. Among the strongest of his traits are his strength and timing, using it to his advantage time after time to ope running lanes for the team. After a successful season with Ball during which they had to have one of the most explosive offenses in the nation, Gunnar is looking to repeat his success next year and break out even further as a prospect.

Gunnar Chase Q&A:

Q: What motivated you to start playing football and what keeps you going today?

“All my friends were playing football and I’ve been playing since I was younger. My dad also played at a high level and it’s been really fun so I just decided to stick with it.”

Q: What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned from your coaches so far?

“Not to give up. There are much better options than to just quit and they’ve shown me that time and time again and just to keep going. We have a really great coaching staff at Ball and they’re awesome at teaching this.”

Q: What’s one of the major obstacles you’ve had to overcome so far?

“When we won our second game, both of my friends died that night. That was pretty hard to overcome but I pushed through. We have a large group of guys that’s like one big family so it makes it way less difficult to overcome things together.”

Q: What are your biggest strengths on and off the field?

“On the field my biggest strength is staying together closely with my teammates, and off the field would probably my intelligence at school.”

Q: What activities outside of football do you use to keep you fresh for the season?

“I usually just try and work out by myself and do powerlifting. I get to strengthen muscles that people often don’t know that they have, I just really enjoy it.”

Q: Do you have a favorite football memory?

“That’s a really tough one, but probably holding up against the state champions. Not completely just selling the game and to be able to win blocks was a great feeling against a great team.”

Q: Do you have any current goals?

“Right now my main goal is to try and play college football and play at the next level.”

Q: Do you have a dream college school?

“Texas A&M, it’s in state and I don’t really want to leave the state when I go off to college. I want to stay close to friends and family and A&M would be perfect for that.”

Gunnar in action for Ball High School (photo via Gunnar Chase)

Q: Do you find the balance as a student athlete difficult?

“If you put your mind to it, school is pretty easy. It’s the same as football, you just have to work hard and stay dedicated and it’ll be easy.”

Q: Do you have an NFL lineman you compare yourself to and look up to?

“Zach Martin from the Dallas Cowboys, his attitude, form, and calmness under pressure are all traits that I really look up to as a player.”

Q: If you could pitch yourself to a college recruiter, how would you describe yourself?

“I would describe myself as being independent, strong, and ongoing.”

Q: Do you have an inspirational figure in your life?

“I’ve looked up to my dad my whole life. He was able to play in the NFL so if I could do what he did that would be really awesome.”

Q: What’s your pregame routine?

“Get a little snack, play some music, stretch and then go play.”

Q: If you could give advice to any incoming varsity players what would you tell them?

“Don’t stress it, don’t be too scared to fail, you’ll get better as it goes on and learn more.”

Q: Do you have a favorite football movie?

“The Waterboy, it’s a good one.”

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