January 22, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Elijah Hill

Elijah Hill is a 6’2″ 200 pound defensive end out of Zachary High School in Zachary, Louisiana. Hill is an explosive pass rusher who plays sideline to sideline. He also has a motor that is nonstop making him a solid defender. He had a 15 sack junior season at Zachary High. Hill is also a power forward for the basketball team. He knows how to balance school and football as he has a 3.9 gpa and is also in the Beta Club.


At what age did you begin playing football and what motivated you to play?

I started playing when I was twelve. I didn’t enjoy playing at first as I was more focused on playing basketball. I just stuck with it and developed  a passion for it. That’s how I am where I am now!

Do you play any other sports at Zachary?

I play basketball as well. I play power forward. Coach John, my basketball coach, helps me a lot during football season. I do basketball in the summer whenever I can. It helps with my speed and footwork so I use it to my advantage. 

What are your goals for next season?

It’s my senior year so, first I hope we get to play. I also want to win another championship like we did my sophomore year.

Would you say that winning a championship your sophomore year was the highlight of your career or was there another moment?

Yes, it’s a highlight. My sophomore year, I learned a lot from upperclassmen. I got to witness the highest you can get, winning wise.

What’s your favorite thing about your position?

I think I am faster than most people. I use my speed to my advantage in this position. I also have long arms so I am good with me hands. I also enjoy the rushing passes. 

How would coaches and teammates would describe you as a player?

I try to lead. The coaches know I work hard and it shows when I am on the field.

What type of things do you do in your offseason to keep yourself in shape?

I run around the neighborhood. I also go to the local BREC park near me and workout with some teammates.

What has football taught you about yourself or life?

During workouts, the pain is terrible. Your body hurts. As long as you push and tell yourself mentally that you can do it, you’ll get what you want to accomplish. You have to work for it.

What’s your favorite thing about playing football in Louisiana?

Whenever you play, it’s always a good atmosphere to have fun with your team on Friday nights. The whole football experience is my favorite part.

What would you tell younger players who want to play high school football one day?

It’s definitely worth it. You’ll value the friendships, teammates and coaches later on in life. 

Do you have a favorite NFL or College Athlete?

I don’t know about NFL athlete, but Lebron is my overall favorite athlete. I do watch Von Miller’s highlights a lot to try and do what he does.

What would you say are some of your strengths?

Im quicker than most people I play. I also have a high confidence in myself.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I would like to be playing college football. If that doesn’t work out, I want to be a doctor or an orthodontist. 

How do you balance school work and football?

My parents push me a lot when it comes to academics. School comes first and that has always been natural for me. Football comes second. I always aim to get the highest I can in school.

How do you prepare for an upcoming game?

I watch film. Our coaches always have good game plans for us to go out and execute. 

Three words to describe yourself?

Fun, smart, and athletic!

How do you handle wins and losses?

I am not a fan of losing. Whenever we do lose, it’s a hard feeling. Luckily, my team wins a lot due to our hard work. 

What would you bring to a college team?

I will bring energy and great communication to my teammates.

What would you like to major in?

My top three are engineering, orthodontists, and a medical doctor. I’m leaning towards the medical field and being a heart doctor