January 22, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Hayes Abshire

Hayes Abshire is a 5’8″ 170 pound running back out of Kaplan High School in Kaplan, Louisiana. He takes pride in his speed and aggression on both offense and defense. He’s a versatile two way player. Abshire has a very sound tackling ability and makes up for his size through his heart and determination. As a Senior this year at Kaplan High, Abshire aims to continue to be a leader for his team.


When did you begin playing football and what made you want to play?

I began playing when I was young. I was around five years old. My brother was the main reason I wanted to play. I was always just surrounded by this sport thanks to my family!

What hobbies do you have outside of sports?

I’m always down to do whatever! I fish, hunt, play video games, and lots of other things!

What specific things do you enjoy about your position?

I love that I can get the ball and do whatever I want. I’m an every-minute player.

Do you have any specific goals for next season?

I don’t have a specific one at the moment. I do know that I aim just aiming to go far and improve.

How would your teammates and coaches describe you?

They would say I am a leader! I do my best to lead by example and work hard.

What have you been doing this offseason to stay in shape?

I’ve just been working out everyday!

Have you always played this position or have you play anything else?

I’ve played just about every position before. Running back is definitely my favorite to play.

What has football taught you about life?

It taught me that it’s easier to accomplish something when you have a brotherhood. My teammates have helped me achieve so much on and off the field.

What’s your favorite thing about playing football in Louisiana?

I would say the tough competition is my favorite about this state. It’s hard knock football and you have to just love and respect it.

What would you tell younger players who aim to play high school football one day?

I would tell them to always practice until you’re satisfied. Never bring yourself down. You’ll get to where you want to be through hard work.

What would you bring to a college program?

I would bring all that I have! Simple as that.

Are there any college or NFL athletes that you look up to or try to model your play style after?

Yes! Garrick Spain who played for the New Orleans Saints, he actually trains me now!

If you weren’t playing football, what do you think you would be doing?

I would be weightlifting or running track. I’d have to be playing some sport.

Three words to describe yourself are?

Non-selfish, strong, and dedicated!

How do you prepare for an upcoming game?

I watch film and really just talk to myself to get mentally prepared.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

Last year, I was very small. I only weighed 155, but I worked to gain weight. I now weigh 170!