August 14, 2022
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Diamond in the Rough: Blake Saddler

Blake Saddler is a class of 2022 running back out of Abbeville High School in Abbeville, LA. Blake is a 5’6, 160 pound speedster. This guy is the definition of explosive, playmaker, game changer, you name it. Blake has great vision and consistently finds open lanes to break off big runs against defenses. In just 7 games, this guy rushed for over 1300 yards and 14 total touchdowns, landing him as the 6th leading rusher in the state. He also broke his school rushing record in just those 7 games. This is an incredible, yet overlooked thing to accomplish. Blake also boasts a 3.0 GPA to go with his amazing athletic ability.

Tell me how you got into football and who/what were some of your biggest motivators.

I started playing at 6. I was too small at the time and they told me I needed to gain weight. I stopped and came back at 9. My sister motivated me. She helped me gain weight by feeding me ham sandwiches. 

What sets you apart from other running backs in the state?

 My speed and vision. Speed kills and my speed has torched a lot of the defenses that we’ve played. Once I hit the outside, I’ll run past everyone. 

What running back, college or NFL, do you feel is most comparable to you?

Dalvin Cook. He’s fast and we have the same style of play. He makes one cut and is gone. When I get to college, I feel like I’ll be the size he was in college. 

What can a College coach expect from Blake Saddler?

Greatness. I’ll be someone that does everything he wants me to do on and off the field. I will put in the hard work and dedication. 

What are some ways football has benefited you in life?

It helps keep me away from trouble. I’m able to focus my attention there and use the game as a way for me to escape reality.

How do you typically prepare for games?

I drink lots of Pedialyte. I just love the game of football . I can’t wait for Friday to turn up for my teammates and the fans. I like to motivate my teammates to focus only on the game and that nothing else matters on Friday nights.

What’s something you can work to improve on within your skillset as a football player?

I want to work on my footwork and put on more  weight. I feel like once those things improve, I’ll be unstoppable.

Discuss some goals that you hope to accomplish individually. Team Goals?

I hope everyone makes it to the next level and keeps getting better. Even if it’s not in football, I want everyone to be great at life. For myself, I want some offers and to make it to the next level. I have a lot of coaches interested but not any official offers just yet. 

Chech Out Blake’s highlights here

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