January 19, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Benjamin Stewart

Benjamin Stewart is a running back from Madison Prep Academy in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. The class of 2021 recruit stands at 5’11” and weighs in around 210 pounds. Stewart is a great, responsible, and a hardworking student and player. On the field, Stewart is quick on his feet and is able to scan the field to complete passes. When Stewart is off the field, he continues to improve his athletic ability and running game. Benjamin runs on track’s relay teams – 4×1 and 4×2 – for Madison Prep as well.

When did you start playing football? 

I was four years old. 

How many yards did you have last season? 

About 400 yards. 



What is your 40 time? 


Alright. So, what is your GPA? 


What do you like about football? 

I like football because it shapes and molds you into being a better man. Football helps me become more responsible of the responsibilities that you have to take care of. 

As a running back, what do you think is your biggest asset on the field? 

My ability to scan the field. 

So, football teaches you how to overcome challenges. You got to overcome that obstacle in front of you – that lineman in front of you. What has football taught you about yourself? 

To just keep going – even through injuries. You know right now we’re going through this pandemic … you just got to keep your head on straight and stick with it and see it through to the end.

Speaking of the pandemic, what have you been doing during this offseason to get ready for the upcoming season whenever we have it? 

Mainly I’ve been getting up early in the morning, lifting weights, and running. I usually go run around the neighborhood. 

Have you been able to work with some of your teammates? 

Yes, we got together a lot during the break to workout. 

Now that you guys are transitioning into football operations this week – getting to wear helmets and start using the bags a little bit. What are you guys looking forward to as a team? 

Getting better every day – as players and young men, doing better than last year, and state championships, of course. 

What are you doing to get ready for state championships? You know that’s a different level.

This season, staying focus and focus on staying more discipline. 

Besides state championship, what are some other goals do you and the team have? 

Other goals would include becoming better, young men and to improving our work ethic. 

If I came to your school and ask one of your teachers, “What do you think of Benjamin Stewart?” What do you think your teacher will say about you, as a student? 

Teacher? They’re going to say I work hard in class. I’m a smart kid. 

They’re not going to say that you’re tardy or always getting in trouble, going to detention? 


Okay, that’s good to know. There’s three legs when it comes to scouting: academics, character, and athletic-ability. So, tell me about yourself. What other sports do you play? 

I run track. 

What do you run in track? 

I was on both relay teams – 4×1 and 4×2. 

Do you have any hobbies? 

I like playing basketball outside and playing video games. 

What lessons have you learned from your previous seasons that you’re going to apply to your senior season and make it the best? 

Staying disciplined because last year, for example, we would get a lot of penalties called during a game. We would let those calls get to us and it affected our performance during our season.

Do you have any role models? Why? 

Adrian Petterson and Alvin Kamara. They’re versatile players and I like their playing style. 

Is there any advice you have for the younger players on your team, or in general? 

Just keep it going. Especially after the seniors graduate this year because we’re giving it our all now and we, the seniors, want them to keep that momentum and energy going. Also, continue to work hard, do what you need to do, and listen to your coaches.