Union Parish Running Back and LSU Commit Trey Holly is the New Rushing King in Louisiana High School Football History

Heading into last week’s matchup against Bastrop High School, everybody in Union Parish was counting down to when their star running back Trey Holly would be the all-time rusher in Louisiana high school football. When every Union Parish fan saw that Holly would need 250 yards coming into that matchup, everybody knew that the record would be achievable.

“We knew on a normal night that he would have opportunities to get it. The thing would be if the game got out of hand and if so, I had to get him out of the game.”

Union Parish head coach Joe Spatafora on if he knew that Thursday night would be the night Trey Holly would beat the record

Union Parish head coach Joe Spatafora knew that Holly would have one more drive in the third quarter regardless if his running back would get the record or not as the Farmers were up big on Bastrop. However, on that final drive, Spatafora knew that Holly would need about ten yards for the record and his offense was at the eight yard line. Knowing that Holly would not get the record on a touchdown, he decided to do something that he would not normally do in any other situation.

“We were on the eight yard line, and I knew that he needed ten yards so I actually had one of my offensive linemen jump offsides so it got us back to the 13 yard line and that’s when everybody knew that something was going on.”

“I told him to make sure that you false start and of course, he false starts, gives me a thumbs up and I made him do that.”

Union Parish head coach Joe Spatafora on telling his offensive lineman to jump offsides on purpose to help Trey Holly get the yardage he needed

Meanwhile, Trey Holly was confused himself on why his offensive lineman jumped offsides as even with all of the noise about the record, the Farmers’ veteran ballcarrier was just focused on the task at hand.

“I really didn’t. I was really confused when my lineman jumped offsides. I was just playing ball and just focused on helping my guys win the football game. I didn’t really know that I was that close.”

“I knew that I wasn’t going to come back in the game anyway so I had to make that drive count.”

Trey Holly on if he knew where he was at with the record

Just like when Ricky Williams scored a touchdown to become the NCAA’s all-time leading rusher, it was poetic justice for Holly, who has become a touchdown machine over his incredible prep career, as he scored a touchdown from 13 yards out to give him the Louisiana high school football record surpassing former University High and LSU running back standout Nick Brossette with 8,705 yards. For Holly, Brossette not only reached out to him before the game encouraging him to beat the record, but he also told him to shatter the record even more.

“Before the game, he told me to go get that record. I’m rooting for you. I’m watching you. That meant a lot to me because he was telling me to go get that record. He wants somebody from LSU to do it so I went and did it.”

Trey Holly on what Nick Brossette told him about beating his record

Like when Brossette broke the record, Trey Holly is also a LSU commit so having a future LSU Tiger beating a former LSU Tiger’s rushing record in a state that is known for its running backs is very special. What was even more special for Holly was that he actually got to beat the record in front of his friends and family.

“That was crazy. When I got here, my goal was to break every record that was held by a running back. That was crazy seeing the crowd get into the game and knowing that I was able to work for this since I was seven years old. It’s really amazing.”

Trey Holly on the feeling he had after beating the rushing record

Having a Union Parish running back set the record just embodies everything that Joe Spatafora has built in his program, which is about toughness, physicality, and dominating the line of scrimmage.

“Since I was here and even before I was here, we’ve always had a power running game and whoever has been here has always run the football. Our offensive linemen take a lot of pride in their yards rushing at the end of the year. If we have a thousand passing yards, so be it, but other than that, we have four to five thousand rushing yards a year and those guys take a lot of pride and you can tell that they do.”

Joe Spatafora on what this record means to the program

Although the record is broken and is Holly’s to keep, he is still not satisfied with what he has achieved at Union Parish.

“I want to chase the touchdown record. I want that one as well and I also want a championship ring. I just want to stay healthy throughout this season and prepare myself for the next level.”

Trey Holly on upcoming goals he wants to accomplish before the end of his senior year

Coach Spatafora stated that this record could not go out to a better young man and a better representation of a program.

“He’s a tremendous young man in all attributes. He’s very humble and gives credit to where credit is due. He knows that he has to have teammates around him to be able to do what he is able to do. It’s a mindset and from a young age, I knew he had it. He has a mindset and the heart. This is what he wants to do.”

Joe Spatafora on how Trey Holly represents the program

It’s always good to be on top of the state’s all-time rushing list and to run for more yards that any other high school running back has run for, but now, the record has been broken and it is time for Trey Holly and the Farmers to focus ahead of what is yet to come.

“I celebrated the record Friday night, but after that, it was basically over for me. I still feel like I have a lot to accomplish throughout my career. I still need a ring so I won’t be satisfied until I get a championship ring.”

Trey Holly on putting the record behind him

That is why LSU fans have fallen in love with this great running back not only because of his talent, but also because of the mentality and mindset that he brings to the table. Until Holly does pin the purple and gold jersey, he still has much more to accomplish toting the rock for the orange and black.

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I sat down with both Coach Spatafora and Trey Holly about the record. To watch the entire interview, click below!

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