Spring Tour 2023: Glen Oaks

A couple of days ago, I was able to catch up with new Glen Oaks High School head coach Anthony Jones about how he is approaching his first spring at his alma mater. Located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, the Panthers have been known for producing a lot of great players including former LSU QB Marcus Randall, former Southern QB Eric Randall, former LSU, Buffalo Bills, and Minnesota Vikings LB Gabe Northern, and former Howard and NFL QB Ted White, who is now the quarterbacks coach for the Houston Texans.

Coming over as an assistant coach from Madison Prep, Jones returns back to where he attended school to help return the winning tradition back to Glen Oaks.

“In year one, I am just trying to change the program and change the culture not just on the field, but off the field and to try and raise young men to do the right thing. My goal is to make the playoffs this year, and I think it is doable if the kids commit to me, commit to the school, program, and community.”

Glen Oaks Head Coach Anthony Jones

Being an alum at Glen Oaks, Coach Jones is taking this job with a fresh and an excited approach to come back and give back to a school that has given him so much already. He loves the opportunity to take on this job and is excited about how the players have approached spring football.

“First of all, I am an alum over here and I was just excited to get back onto the football field. Up to this point, I have seen progress from the first day. The players are getting better each and every day. I’m excited. On the 17th, we play against East Iberville so the guys are fired up and ready. They are tied of hitting each other so they are ready to hit somebody else.”

Glen Oaks Head Coach Anthony Jones

As the spring winds down, Jones just wants to see the guys continue to buy in the process and hopefully bring the Panthers their first winning season since 2009.

“Headed towards the summer, I want them to be committed to the program and committed to the process. We are going to work hard this summer. We are going to work out Monday and Wednesday during the summer. We are going to do a little bit of yoga. We are going to run the levee. I got a whole program for them this summer. I am looking forward to working hard. It is going to be a grind this summer. It is going to be different for them. It is going to be hard. I just want them to believe in me and believe in the coaching staff. If they commit to the process, we will make the playoffs.”

Glen Oaks Head Coach Anthony Jones

For Jones, the process is a winning one as he comes over from Madison Prep where he helped lead the Chargers to a state championship back in 2020. As an assistant coach under another former Glen Oaks alum and head coach Landry Williams, he will look to take those same principles to the Glen Oaks program.

“I miss Coach Landry. He always has a story or something in life for us that makes us laugh. He is a great guy and my mentor. I learned a lot of stuff, but one thing I learn the most from him is hard work. I am not going to ask my coaches and players to do something that I wouldn’t do myself. If I tell them something, I will do it also. We have these shirts with our motto and that is being locked in. I tell the kids to be locked in, embrace the culture that we are trying to bring over here, being disciplined, having good character, and at the end of the day, what me and Coach Landry talk about is life after football. We want to see great men and that’s all that we want to see.”

Glen Oaks Head Coach Anthony Jones
Glen Oaks speedster RB Na’Ryan Delone and WR/DB Christopher Jackson have been offered to play in the Gridiron Football All-American Bowl Game. (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

Two of the players that have bought into the system and the new program also happen to be two of the Panthers’ top two players for the 2023 season in WR/DB Christopher Jackson and RB Na’Ryan Delone.

“Starting with Christopher Jackson, I have been knowing him for a little while. That is Zeon Chriss’ little brother. He is a hard worker, committed, and hasn’t shied away from any work that we have done. Anything that we ask him to do, he does it. He is picking up his grades so I told him if he gives me 110%, I will give you 110%. I have called college coaches about him. I’ve called y’all about him so I think he is worthy of it and is going to have a big season this year.”

Na’Ryan is a good character kid. He does what he is supposed to do. He runs a 10.63 in the 100 meters. He is a track kid also, but he is a great kid, a hard worker, and is another kid that I told if you believe in me and believe in the program, I will make sure to get you somewhere if you take care of your grades. Both are two great kids that are trying to be leaders. They are not the most outspoken, but they do what they are asked to do and the kids follow them. I am very happy and pleased for those two guys.”

Glen Oaks Head Coach Anthony Jones

The Panthers certainly hope that those are only two of the many contributors to the upcoming season.

“I have a sophomore named Braylen Jenkins. He is about 6’2, 240 pounds that is a great kid. We also have a quarterback that is going to be a junior and will be pretty good also. We also have a safety named Darius Williams. This senior class that I embarked on is going to be a great group.”

Glen Oaks Head Coach Anthony Jones

Jones not only wants 100% buy in from the team, but he also wants it from the community and so far, he has gotten just that.

“I have gotten an ample amount of support because I’m a Glen Oaks guy. The house that I grew up in is actually across the street. I have been getting emails, texts, letters, and a ton of support. The parents bought the food for today. A lot of people in the community are happy that I’m here and just me being here is going to bring a lot of people back in the community. I have four home games and I am trying to pack the stadium. We got homecoming against my old school Madison Prep so that’s going to be great to go up against them. We are going to have a DJ here. I am going to have a section for alumni and will have it jumping. I am excited and can’t wait to get started. Go Panthers!”

Glen Oaks Head Coach Anthony Jones

Coach Jones is trying to bring back the energy and winning culture to Glen Oaks and what better man for the job than to have a former Panther leading the way to do it.

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