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Scotlandville Defeats Madison Prep for First Victory of the Season | Gridiron Football
January 30, 2023

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Scotlandville Defeats Madison Prep for First Victory of the Season

The Scotlandville Hornets, fresh off the heels of a 46-8 blowout to Edna Karr, attempted to make the Madison Prep Academy Chargers feel how they felt last week. While it wasn’t as scoreful, Scotlandville still embarrassed Madison Prep at home in a 37-6 beatdown.

At the start of the game, the opening kickoff was the signal for how the game would go. After two seperate penalties on two seperate kickoff attempts by Madison Prep, the Hornets would start at the opposing 45 yard line. The first score of the game would come on a play that started terribly, as the snap sailed over QB “Zae” Teasett’s head. It looked like he would have to throw it away, but he was able to adjust and find an open reciever for the easy touchdown. The Chargers would be unable to return the scoring favor until the fourth quarter. Scotlandville would end the half with the ball after no more notable action.

In the second quarter, Scotlandville would start their running ground pound with the first of their rushing touchdowns. After another penalty on Madison Prep, the Hornets kicked off at midfield to the Chargers, who immediately gave the ball back to Scotlandville after a muff. The Hornets would quickly capitalize, scoring the second of their rushing touchdowns. After punts from Madison Prep, Scotlandville, and Madison Prep again, the Hornets would take the ball down the field and fall just short of the endzone, settling on a field-goal with five seconds left in the half.

With the third quarter, the Hornets would continue the ground game, but more so to waste clock than anything else. The opening drive by the Chargers was a three and out, but the blocked punt set up a rushing touchdown by QB “Zae” Teasett. A series of punts would leave the quarter without any other score, but both teams would have promising drives end in nothing.

Unlike the third, the fourth quarter would have a good amount of action. The starting play would result in a 56-yard rushing touchdown by Scotlandville. The Chargers would finally answer back, with a rushing touchdown in the middle of the quarter. No more scoring would occur, but a lot of big plays on both sides of the ball would happen.

In the end, Scotlandville would look so much more dominant. The 15 (!!!) penalties on Madison Prep and the turnovers would prove to be a major factor as the Hornets would run for a total of 229 yards and four touchdown on the night. It was a completely dominating game for Scotlandville, who will visit the 2-1 West Monroe Rebels next Friday.

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