March 27, 2023

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School Spotlight: Valdosta

picture from MaxPreps (Valdosta 21)

Valdosta High School is located in South Georgia, a short drive to the Florida state line. Valdosta High is known for its rich history of football, having generations of players sporting the black and gold. Football in Valdosta is a very important tradition dating back a little more than 100 years. According to Wikipedia, “Valdosta has the most program wins in the U.S. for high school football at 929 wins along with 24 state championships.” Stores and other businesses close to go support the team on game days. Last season, the Valdosta Wildcats went 4-6 overall. In 2021, Shelton Felton, the interim head coach, was named as the permanent head coach of the Wildcats. In their previous season, they went 4-6. Their upcoming season is filled with good rivalry games including Warner Robins, Colquitt County, and their cross town rival Lowndes.

Demauree “Smoke” Bennett is a class of 2024 guard and tackle. He is 6’1 and weighs 267 pounds. He’s quick off of the line of scrimmage and can easily adjust against his defenders. Demauree is a quick and strong blocker. He also uses his speed when he’s blocking for runners coming upfield. He’s an aggressive player and skilled blocker when making room for his runners or keeping defenders out of the back field.

Joseph Gardner is an upcoming senior. He plays corner as well as quarterback and can also run the ball. He is a strong runner and uses his athleticism to his advantage. He is 5’11 and weighs 168 pounds. He runs a 4.65 40, squats 365, benches 235, and power cleans 235 pounds. His quote is, “They measure me by my height not by my heart and skills .” Watch how I outwork anyone on the other side of me come game time.” He is a versatile athlete being able to play both sides of the ball.

Charles Williams Jr. is another upcoming senior and plays running back. He is a strong and speedy running back. He can break down and get through the hole for yards each play. His 40 time is 4.49, he benches 250 max, and squats 400 max. Charles also has a 3.0 GPA. He uses his strength and speed to break tackles and continue to run for more yards.

Ahmad Denson is another upcoming senior and running back for the Wildcats. He is incredibly skilled when it comes to his run plays and his style of play. He is an impressive runner who can easily dodge his defenders. He is 5’8 and weighs 166 pounds. He is a speedy running back and can outrun his defenders. He can go from one side of the field to the other side and still make a touchdown.

Here is the upcoming schedule for the Valdosta Wildcats:

 8/19 vs. North Miami
 8/26 vs. Cook
 9/2 vs. Banneker
 9/9 @ Warner Robins
 9/16 vs. Coral Gables
 9/23 vs. McEachern
 10/7 @ Lowndes
 10/14 vs. Richmond Hill
 10/21 @ Camden County 
 10/28 vs. Colquitt County

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