November 30, 2022

School Spotlight: Baker High

Baker High School is located on the northside of the state capital in Baker, Louisiana. Baker High has delt with numerous issues that has led to the decline in school attendance. Baker, at one time, was a 5A program, today they are classified as one of the newest 2A programs with around 450 students enrolled. The percentage of Baker High School students on free and reduced lunch assistance (78.2%) is significantly higher than the state average of 54.5%.

In 2016, Baker was impacted by the 100 year flood that hit the area. The High School was flooded and closed that year. Since then, the middle school has been host to the High School students as well. This year made the first year that the graduating seniors had never left the middle school. Since the 2016 flood, the school has struggled getting back on their feet. The football program has similarly struggled and had four head coaches since 2016. Despite this struggle, Baker has always had very talented football players, and this program seems to be turning the corner and it is very exciting to see.

I reached out and interviewed coach Jarrett Henderson. Coach Henderson is a Baker Alumni and one of the current coaches there. He is currently in the running for the head coaching job at the school, but over the course of the interview I was struck by how genuinely excited about the program as a whole he is. The school board has finally approved the remodeling and rebuilding of Baker High School as well as the football team getting a facelift with a new turf field. “With the renovations of the high school finally being started, the upgraded football field, and all the great players at Baker, I am just so excited,” said coach Henderson. “So many good vibes coming from this team. We have former Sothern’s Hall-of-Fame quarterback, Eric Randall, here. I am just so excited about my school.” The rebuilding of the school and new turf field is a real game changer for the whole community. In addition Coach Henderson emphasized that he and the rest of the coaching staff push the players for improved academics. This is encouraging, since the team has in the past struggled in this area. It is one of the things I tell young recruits all the time, if you don’t work on the academics going to play college football is not going to happen.

While there are a lot of very talented players at Baker these are some of the stand outs we discussed during the course of the interview.

Derek Jackson is a class of 2025 Offensive lineman. He is 6’6″ and weighs 330 LBS. Coach Henderson’s Comments, “big time body, makes holes, coachable, when he puts hands on you then you are blocked, long wingspan, has all the intangibles.”

Montez Covington is a class of 2023 Linebacker. He is 6’2″ and also plays Slot receiver and running back. Grambling, Southern, and Nicholls has been showing a lot of interest in Montez. Coach Henderson’s comments, ” Nice size, top 3 speed on team, Best athlete on team, big time hitter, All-District player.”

Clarence Williams is a class of 2023 defensive end. Clarence is 6’2 and also plays tight end. Coach Henderson’s comments, “Does his job, does not miss practices, 2nd year starting, got stronger over the spring, coachable, will be one of the leaders of the team, grades are good.”

Shannon Holliday is a class of 2023 right tackle. He is 6’3″ and weighs 310 LBS. Coach Henderson’s comments, “Real smart kid, one of the smartest kids on team, strong, needs to work on his feet, real talented young man.”

Jahkoreyin Tate is a class of 2023 defensive end. Tate is 6’3. Coach Henderson’s comments, “He got taller and faster this offseason, will be able to run down plays this season, got a great understanding of the game, grades are good, has a lot of experience.”

SAMAJAH DUNCAN is a class of 2025 running back. Duncan is 5’11” and plays safety as well. Coach Henderson’s comments, “2nd best athlete could be best when he gets more experience, most vocal leader on team, big time hitter.”

After talking with Coach Henderson, I am excited to see what Baker High will do this season. I hope to see you at a game this season. See below for their football schedule for the 2022-23 season.

Fri, 9/2 7:00 pm MMcKinley Home • Non-District
Fri, 9/9 7:00 pmMentorship Academy Mentorship Academy Away •District
Fri, 9/16 7:00 pmWhite CastleWhite Castle Away • Non-District
Fri, 9/23 7:00 pmEast IbervilleEast Iberville St. Gabriel Home • Non-District
Fri, 9/30 7:00 pmCollegiateCollegiate Home
Fri, 10/7 7:00 pmNortheastNortheast Pride Away • Non-District
Fri, 10/14 7:00 pmEast FelicianaEast Feliciana Jackson Home • Non-District
Fri, 10/21 7:00 pmCapitolCapitol Home • District
Fri, 10/28 7:00 pmDunhamDunham Home • District
Fri, 11/4 7:00 pmEpiscopalEpiscopal Away • District

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