January 22, 2022
"Changing Lives, Improving Communities"


Photo credit John Bazemore

After meeting with the media today, LSU head coach Ed Orgeron discussed some topics that had been on peoples mind since the clocks hit double zero in the national championship game. What’s next? Who will replace Joe Burrow? Will the 2020-21 team be able to duplicate the same success that the 2019-2020 team had? Orgeron answered those questions and more.

Orgeron opened the press conference immediately talking about the depth chart for the upcoming spring schedule, and gave updates as well as praise for some of the players that he has seen. As follows

Tory Carter, Soni Fonua, and Arik Gilbert, will all be out for spring football. Todd Harris will be out most of the spring hoping to get his return at the very end.

Limited is Elias Ricks and Neil Farrell (2 Weeks)

Dare Rosenthal has left the team do to personal reasons, but will return in the summer.


QB: 1: Myles Brennan 2: Max Johnson or T.J. Finley (both expected to fight for the spot) “we also have Peter Parrish here” said Orgeron.

RB: Chris Curry, John Emery, Ty Davis-Price

“All three starters, all three are different, all three can do great things.” said Orgeron

LG: Ed Ingram

C: Chasen Hines, Joe Evans

“Chasen will have to prove himself, we moved Joe Evans from defensive line to offensive line to back him up, to compete at that spot.” said Orgeron

RG: Anthony Bradford, Kardell Thomas

RT: Austin Deculus

“You’ll see Charles Turner play some Tackle and some Center” said Orgeron.

LT: Cameron Wire, Thomas Perry, Dare Rosenthal

“Dare Rosenthal, who I thought was having an excellent practice, is going to be an excellent tackle and play in the NFL. But he won’t be with us in the spring gives Cam time to compete.” said Orgeron.

WR: Ja’Marr Chase, Terrace Marshall, Racey McMath, Trey Palmer, Jontre Kirklin, Jaray Jenkins

TE: Jamal Pettigrew, Arik Gilbert (out), Kole Taylor, Aaron Moffitt


DE: TK McLendon, Jarell Cherry

NT: Tyler Shelvin, Siaki Ika

DT: Glen Logan, Nelson Jenkins

DE: Justin Thomas, Andre Anthony, BJ Ojulari

“I think BJ Ojulari is going to be an All-American for us.” said Orgeron He is a very talented young man. We’re very deep on the defensive line along with the new guys coming in.”

LB: Damone Clark, Micah Baskerville, Ray Thornton, Marcel Brooks

“Ray Thornton has been moved to inside linebacker and same with Marcel Brooks, so we have a lot of speed there.” said Orgeron.

CB: Derek Stingley Jr., Elias Ricks (limited) Jay Ward, Raydarius Jones,

Nickel: Cordale Flott, Jay Ward

SS: Cameron Lewis, Jordan Toles

FS: JaCoby Stevens

Players not named in the spring depth chart Kary Vincent, Maurice Hampton, and Todd Harris. But Coach Orgeron quickly alleviated that. “We don’t have Kary Vincent because he’s in track, Maurice Hampton is in baseball. Said Orgeron. “So, we have three players who will play and start for us that won’t be in the spring, but it’ll give some young guys a chance to go.” Harris is being held out until the end of spring with his ACL recovery.

Closing Head Coach Ed Orgeron said “The Depth Chart is Etched in Sand”