Rising Star, WR/DB Tyler Payne, Caneview Middle School (Port Allen, Louisiana)

Tyler Payne is a 5’9, 130 lb receiver out of Port Allen, Louisiana. Tyler is an athletic receiver with great hands, and an ability to go up and get the ball. It’s very apparent that Tyler loves to watch Ja’Marr Chase play, as they have a very similar style. While his athleticism is key, that is not the only attribute that his on the field success stems from. He has amazing footwork that confuses the secondary, and amazing speed to get off of any press. As Tyler grows and develops, he is going to have a spot in this game for a long time.

What made you fall in love with the game of football?

Influences in the NFL and college. One of my idols is Odell Beckham. Watching him as a kid inspired me to play the game.

Other than OBJ, do you try and emulate anyone else while playing?

It is hard to pinpoint because I play like a lot of people. I would say the top 2 are Odell Beckham and Ja’Marr Chase.

Which position do you enjoy playing more?

I enjoy playing wide receiver more.

What did playing in the 2023 Gridiron Football All- American Bowl for Junior High mean to you?

It was an amazing opportunity. Even though I did not get a lot of playing time, it was still a very good experience to go up against some of the best competition in the state and grow my game.

If you are presented with a challenge, how do you overcome it?

If I have a problem with something, I try and get over it any way that I can. The method you use doesn’t matter, as long as you can will yourself through.

What is your favorite subject in school?

I would say social studies. I love to learn about history and the past.

What are some hobbies you have outside of football?

I like to play basketball and video games with my friends.

What is your dream college to play football at?

Right now, probably LSU.

How have your coaches impacted your life?

The influenced me by telling me to do good. They encouraged me to keep putting in effort and keep going.

What about your game stands out?

My effort. After the play, I sprint back to the huddle and make sure I’m ready for the next play.