Rising Star, O-line Hunter Jarreau, Catholic High School (Baton Rouge, LA)

Hunter Jarreau is 15 years old and in the 8th grade that boast a 3.5 gpa. At the age of 15 he is 6’4 weighing 225lbs. Hunter mainly plays center but has the ability to also play guard or maybe even tackle if needed to. In the bowl game he played both o-line and d-line for the west.

What or who got you to start playing football?

” I have always wanted to play football when i was younger, but my dad really pushed me to get in to it.”

How long have you been playing football?

” I’ve been playing for 9 years now.”

What positions do you play?

“I play center”

What NFL player do you like watching?

“I enjoy watching Jason Kelce”

What is the most challenging aspect of football of football to you?

“To be able to keep up with the progression of the game from the different defensive fronts that we must learn each week.”

What is a strength that you have in your game?

” Being able to callout different defensive formations that helps me and the other linemen understand our blocking assignments.”

What is something you’re working on to improve your game?

“I am working on my strength and quickness as a player.”

What are your current football goals?

” To help m team win a state championship.”

What’s your dream schools?

” I would say LSU.”

What’s your favorite activity outside of football?

” I enjoy riding my horse and hanging out with my friends when I am free.”

What is your favorite memory from playing football?

” My favorite memory is when i got to play for Team USA football in Mexico.

What is something you would say that football has taught you?

” I would say football has taught me how to be a leader.”