Rising Star: Davion Dixon

Davion Dixon is a class of 2025 DT for Belen Jesuit Prep in Miami, FL. He is 6’2, weighs 280lbs, and sports a 3.4 GPA. Davion excels at moving people around. He has a big frame complimented by outstanding strength. He offers great protection at tackle and does a great job of mirroring and moving defenders. On defense, he can constantly be seen disrupting plays at defensive tackle and causing chaos in the pocket. Dixon is someone you want to keep an eye on as he played varsity as an eighth grader and only has time to improve.

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How long have you been playing football? Eight years.

Do you play other sports? I recently started track.

Can you play any other position? OT, C, and G.

What is your primary position? DT.

What position do you see yourself at in the next level?  DT.

Most rewarding part about DT? Celebrating with my brothers and having fun with them. 

What is the most important aspect of playing DT? Don’t give up your ground and try to get to the QB.

What would you consider to be your biggest strength? My arms, how I use them, and my strength.

What would you consider to be your biggest weakness?Beating me off the spot.

Do you have any goals for this upcoming season? Try to make freshman team all Dade and have anywhere between 30-40 tackles this season and just do good overall.

What are you doing to get better? Working out every day of the week and working on things that need improvement like my hands and getting faster off the ball.

What stands out bout way you play? I never give up on a play and I’m very tough.

What makes a good DT? Being strong up front, always having hands up, exploding when you see the ball move, and getting to the QB.

Why should colleges give you a chance? Because I work every day of the week and I know I can be great one day. I put time and effort in everything I do.

Has football taught you any valuable lessons? To be respectful and disciplined.

Do you have any role models? Aaron Donald and Julian Armella.

Is there a player you can compare yourself to? Aaron Donald.