March 27, 2023

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C.E. Byrd Junior Kicker Abram Murray Commits To The Miami Hurricanes

C.E. Byrd High School junior kicker Abram Murray announced his commitment to the Miami Hurricanes this past Sunday. Murray is rated among a lot of kicking gurus as the number one kicker in the entire country. Because of his booming leg and high ceiling, big time college football programs were all over him as early as his freshman year. Despite having two entire years of high school eligibility left, Murray feels that he has already made a connection with the Hurricanes that cannot be touched.

“It is not as early in the recruiting process as it seems for me. I’ve been fortunate to have been engaged in the process with the programs I wanted for some time, including Miami. I was impressed with Coach Cristobal’s approach while going through the process with Oregon, so when he moved to Miami, I just had a sense that was where I needed to be. Coach’s vision for the program, the incredible staff he assembled, the awesome Miami fan base, and program history came together and sealed the decision for me. Miami will be THE program in college football in the near future, and I want to help bring that national championship home to The U family.”

It also does help when one gets to visit the incredible weather and atmosphere of the Miami, Florida region, but it was the constant communication between himself and the coaching staff that sealed the deal for Murray.

“Coach Marwan Maalouf and Coach Danny Kalter are incredible. I can’t wait to work with them. My family loves them too. They believe my abilities as a kicker and personality fit with the new Miami culture are a match to the vision for the program and special teams so they regularly told me I was “their guy” for the future.”

The most prestigious kicking camp in the country also seems to think highly of the Shreveport, Louisiana native as he is rated by the camp as the number one kicker in the 2024 class.

“Murray most recently competed at the 2022 National Invitational Scholarship Camp in July of 2022. His leg strength is at the top of the class on both field goals and kick-offs. He again showed great poise by winning the field goal competition at the end of camp. At the Underclassman Challenge in January of 2022, he won the camp-wide kick-off competition. The ball jumps off his foot and he is in great control of his body. Murray can drive the ball or hang the ball up as he has charted a 4.3+ second kickoff at camp. He has quick hips and has excellent command of his swing through contact. In May of 2022 he scored 13 of 15 FG points on field goals and averaged 120.3 points on kick-offs!”

Jamie Kohl-Kohl’s Kicking Camp Director

Being ranked as the number one kicker in the country is a blessing for Murray, and he is honored by the recognition that he is getting.

“I’ve been the number one kicker in my class in the country for some time now, starting after 8th grade and by any assessment metric. The most recent Kohl’s camp was just another opportunity to compete against the best in the country and hang out with my friends doing the same. I’m thankful for Kohl’s Camps for providing me an unbiased platform to showcase my craft and Adam Tanalski for training and mentoring me.”

Now, that Murray has conquered the camp circuit and has already announced his college destination, he is focusing on playing for his new team, which is the C.E. Byrd Yellow Jackets. After being at Calvary Baptist Academy his freshman year, Murray had to sit out his sophomore season due to LHSAA transfer rules. It was tough for the strong legged kicker to go through that, but now, he is ready to begin his junior season.

“Sitting out was one of the more difficult experiences of my life because I wanted to help my teammates succeed, but I worked hard to support my team any way I could. I am extremely excited to help my team win another state championship during my junior year.”

During that time off, he has focused on bettering his craft while watching film to see how the best kickers at the college and NFL level excel at the highest level.

“Not really, I watch a lot of film of kickers as I continually work to get better, so there are many that contribute to my approach. If I had to pick one, Justin Tucker because of his strength and two step deep.”

In time, Murray has the upside to become the next Justin Tucker because of his leg strength, accuracy, and competitiveness, which are all traits that the Baltimore Ravens All-Pro kicker has. Having this talent as a kicker did not come by accident for the five star prospect.

“I am the middle brother between Thomas and Asher. Both are great kickers. Thomas is a 2022 and one of the best field goal kickers I have ever seen and Asher is a 2026 and the ball just explodes off his foot. We all grew up playing high level competitive soccer in Dallas, including my little sister Sarah. I am also a lifeguard in my spare time and enjoy playing golf, tennis, and basketball.”

Right now, Abram Murray is at ease with his college decision and for any Miami fans that have any doubts of keeping him over the next two years, this was his message to the Hurricanes fanbase.

“It is time to bring the national championship back to Miami where it belongs.”

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