January 25, 2022
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Diamond In The Rough: Brody Heard

Brody Heard is a 6’3” 285 pound 1st team all district offensive lineman for Holy Savior Menard High School out of Alexandria, Louisiana. Utilizing his size and frame, Heard willingly performs the dirty work for his offensive comrades, bullying defenders off the line of scrimmage and opening huge holes for not only the run game but the passing game as well. Whilst riding the bench for his freshman year, Heard perfected his craft and watched as captains before him lead him and his team to the end of the season. A year later the torch and the responsibilities of a team leader have been bestowed upon him. As a vocal and physical leader on the offensive side, Heard recently helped push his team into the quarter finals of the playoffs for the first time in 10 years. Riding that momentum into the offseason, Heard hopes to return back to the postseason. Heard has also established himself off the field racking up a 4.0 GPA as well as making a 30 on his ACT.

When did you first start playing football? – I first started playing pee wee football at around 3rd grade. Then in middle school I played at Brame and I mainly played Guard. Moving forward into high school at Holy Savior Menard, I started to shift around the line playing guard as well as tackle. 

Were you placed into the offensive line or is that what you naturally wanted to play due to your body type or was it a coach’s decision? – I would say a little bit of both. I’ve always had the body type for an offensive lineman but I’ve always known ever since I stepped on the field that’s where I’ve wanted to play.

Where would you say you are most comfortable on the offensive line and why? – I would say I’m most comfortable mainly on the right side of the line. I play interchangeably between guard and tackle at about a 50/50 split so I’d say I’m pretty comfortable at either position. As to why I am most comfortable on that side, I would accredit that simply to the game plan. My coaches feel that is where I will be most efficient.

What would you say your biggest strength is on the football field. Pass blocking, run blocking, explosiveness off the line? – Definitely the mental game. Being able to know my keys, communicating with teammates with what I see pre-snap, and understanding the scheme that the coaches have prepared for us. 

What is your biggest weakness? – I guess my experience. Not being able to play my freshman year definitely played a factor in my ability to excel my sophomore year.

Why did you not play your freshman year? – There were 4 senior offensive lineman in front of me on the depth chart and I was just a little freshman. I just wasn’t ready at the time. 

What was your biggest takeaway from sitting on the bench your freshman year? – Being able to watch those guys play. Understanding what it’s like to be a senior on the team. Seeing those band of brothers lead the team definitely impacted my game. It also helped build my leadership abilities and gave me an idea of how I am going to lead this team in the future.

You seem to be able to physically bully people off the line. What would you accredit this ability to be such a physical presence? Hard work. Since the end of last season I have been working on my craft and physique. I knew that after my sophomore year I was going to have to step up and become a leader on this team. From then on I developed this mindset that I am going to enhance my game and take on this leadership role not only through my vocality but through my physicality.  

Who has been the most influential person in your life in regards to football? – Without a doubt my dad. He got me into playing. I used to play baseball as a child but he encouraged me to enter the world of football and I couldn’t be more grateful. He used to play in college so he’s quite knowledgeable of the game. He took that knowledge and has used it to teach me everything I know about the game of football. After every single game he’d breakdown what I did right, what I did wrong, what I need to work on. 

What was the most impactful moment of your playing career? – I have a heartbreaking moment that was most impactful for me. It was during our homecoming game this past season against Red River. My teammate William Thomson was having a fantastic game running over 200 yards and scoring four touchdowns. We were tied 32-32 with about 20 seconds left in the game. The play called was a screen pass for Will. I ran my guy out but there was a safety blitz on the other side of the line. So as my quarterback is throwing the ball he gets blindsided which obviously impacted the throw. The ball skimmed right over Will’s fingertips as he was trying to go up and get it and the ball ended up landing right into the DB’s hands who took it dead sprint all the way for a touchdown to end the game. Ever since that moment I knew I was never going to let a game get that close. That game was one of my biggest what if games. What if i would’ve pumped up my teammates a bit more or what If I would have blocked this guy on this play. Those what ifs fueled my fire to never ever give up on any play and to exert all of my effort into every play, never taking a down off moving forward.