November 30, 2022

McKinley v Southern Lab

Game Synopsis

On this Friday night with inclement weather still being a big factor in this matchup, what was supposed to be a home game for the McKinley Panthers was moved to Southern College’s field for this matchup against Southern Lab. Southern Lab started with the ball at their own forty yard line, and after a couple chunk plays they were set up on McKinley’s twenty-two yard line. From this position, Angelo Izzard threw a beautiful fade to the back right pylon that was caught by Darren Morris for an early touchdown. After a first play fumble by McKinley resulting in a turnover, Southern Lab was set up with great field position on McKinley’s twenty-five yard line. Southern Lab did not waste any time, capitalizing on this field position with another fade to the back left pylon caught by Carl Williams for the touchdown on the first play of the drive. 

Now down 12-0 with nine minutes still left in the first quarter, McKinley was looking to get on the board. After a couple first downs, McKinley was going for it on 4th and 9 at the 46 yard line. Dialing up a perfect screen pass to senior running back Chauncey Smith, the Panthers were able to get the first down and then some with Dylan Day making a touchdown saving tackle at the 2 yard line. Even with McKinley being merely two yards away from paydirt, Southern Lab’s strong defense was able to stop the Panthers and force an interception. Starting from their own twenty-nine yard line, Southern Lab was able to put together a solid eight play drive resulting in a 10 yard touchdown for Herman Brister.

After McKinley’s offense could not get anything going and was forced to punt, Southern Lab started with the ball at midfield with 5:47 left to go in the second. Once again, not wasting any time Izzard connected on a cross route to Carl Williams. Forcing two McKinley defenders to miss, Williams took this pass forty-eight yards for the touchdown making the score now 20-0. After another McKinley three and out, Southern Lab had the ball on their own twenty-eight yard line. Two straight 30 yard runs from Douglas Thorton put Southern Lab well into McKinley territory. To cap off this four play drive, Thorton took a run nine yards for another Southern Lab touchdown making the score 28-0 going into the half.

Coming out of halftime, McKinley knew they needed to get on the scoreboard. After their first two plays resulted in a loss of eleven yards, Derrius Price threw up a bomb to Andre Knighton who took this pass seventy-three yards for McKinley’s first score. The score now 28-6, Southern Lab was not looking to let up on the gas putting together a five play drive resulting in 13 yard touchdown run for Ashton Raymond. McKinley, still not able to get anything on offense, was forced to punt the very next drive. Southern Lab with the ball back on their own twenty-six put together a long twelve play drive resulting in another touchdown.

With the game all but over, McKinley still did not stop fighting. With only 7:45 left in the game the Panthers still wanted to get on the board. Starting at their own 45, McKinley was driving down the field. After five plays of positive yardage, Derrius Price threw up a prayer into double coverage. Miraculously, the ball bobbled off of two defenders’ helmets and into the hands of #6 who took the pass 30 yards for a touchdown.

At this point in the game, injuries were starting to pile up. Two players were being taken to the hospital while another was being carried off the field. So with 2:50 left, the referee’s decided to call the game for the safety of the players. The final score being Southern Lab 48, McKinley 12.

Click here for highlights from the game

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