LSU Spring Practice Report #4: Emery Jones Back With 1st Team, QB2 Competition Heating Up, & More

For the fourth LSU practice report, the media is seeing more and more of who the coaches have in the starting spots at this early point in the spring season.

There has been no question that Garrett Nussmeier is the team’s QB1, but there has been an ongoing battle to see who is going to be QB2. Every day since we have had access to spring practice, both Rickie Collins and AJ Swann have been competing back and forth for the QB2 reps. On Saturday, it was Collins taking the backup quarterback reps and today, it was Swann. After asking LSU head coach Brian Kelly about it on Saturday, expect the competition between Swann and Collins to heat up as both players will get a lot of reps throughout the spring and the fall.

LSU starting QB Garrett Nussmeier works with offensive coordinator Joe Sloan. (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

At running back, Josh Williams and Kaleb Jackson have been splitting time as the first team running back with walk-on Malachi Lane getting some more reps behind them. Despite being a walk-on, Lane has shown some impressive abilities including making a one-handed grab during practice.

Like at quarterback, there is no question that Kyren Lacy and Chris Hilton Jr. are going to be involved with the first team, but there has been some nice competition between Aaron Anderson and Kyle Parker as both players have split time as the WR3. Today, it was Anderson that was getting the first team reps while transfers CJ Daniels and Zavion Thomas have been getting second team reps.

After Tyree Adams and Bo Bordelon were getting first team reps on the offensive line Saturday, star right tackle Emery Jones made the full-time return in practice. Unsurprisingly, Jones got first team reps, but Coach Brad Davis continues to like Tyree Adams as the backup tackle. Will Campbell, Garrett Dellinger, Miles Frazier, and DJ Chester at center continue to make up the starting five.

Like at running back, the depth at defensive tackle has been sparce with only a limited amount of scholarship players to work with as Jacobian Guillory, Jalen Lee, Shone Washington, and De’Myrion Johnson have proven to be the only scholarship players getting reps. The starting defensive line includes Guillory and Lee on the inside. On the edges, there are three players that have continued to be in the mix for first team reps in Da’Shawn Womack, Bradyn Swinson, and Saivion Jones.

LSU new defensive line coach Bo Davis works with the defensive line. (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

New defensive coordinator Blake Baker continues to be hands on with Harold Perkins Jr. and Greg Penn III as the starters while also working with the likes of the Weeks brothers and Christian Brathwaite behind them.

Ashton Stamps and Javien Toviano have been getting first team reps at cornerback while Ohio State transfer Jyaire Brown, freshman PJ Woodland, Jeremiah Hughes, and JK Johnson have been getting a lot of repetitions with cornerbacks coach Corey Raymond.

LSU DBs in action during Tuesday’s spring practice. (Photo taken by Jace LeJeune)

At safety, both veterans Major Burns and Sage Ryan continue to rotate at both safety and at the star position respectively. Burns was getting first team snaps at the star position while Ryan has been moving around all over the defensive backfield giving him reps at multiple spots. Texas A&M transfer Jardin Gilbert has been getting first team reps at free safety as well. Behind them, Jordan Allen, Kylin Jackson, and Da’Shawn McBryde have been getting into the action, especially McBryde, who was one of the biggest winners from spring practice this past weekend.

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