LSU Looking To Make Big Splash In Important Recruiting Weekend

Today, LSU is making their final big recruiting push before fall camp begins in the “Bayou Splash”. Right now, LSU’s class has moved up a couple of spots to number 14 in the 2024 class with the help of two recent pickups this week in Many High School (LA) four star LB Tylen Singleton and Edgewater High School (FL) four star cornerback Cai Bates.

The Tigers are expecting to impress some of the top players in the country that are coming down to Baton Rouge not only from the 2024 class, but also the 2025 and 2026 classes as well.

Brian Kelly and the LSU coaching staff are focused on two objectives heading into this big event today. The first is locking up a big recruiting class for this year as there will be a lot of LSU commits and LSU targets from this year’s class. The second objective is to set a precedent as well as to spark the 2025 and 2026 classes as well.

There are some key names that LSU is really trying to impress the most from the 2024 class. First, there is five star edge rusher Colin Simmons, who is the number four overall prospect in the country and is being offered by a lot of the major players across the country, but is in a tight battle right now between LSU and Texas. Simmons’ teammate from Duncanville High School (TX) in four star RB Caden Durham is another name to watch out for as he is the only running back target for this class and will be making his college decision soon on Friday, August 25th.

Then, there is five star defensive lineman Dominick McKinley, who is the number one overall player in the state of Louisiana from the 2024 class. The 6’6, 280 pound prospect recently released his top five schools, which included Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, Ohio State, and Texas A&M. Finally, another in-state product that LSU would love to have is John Ehret High School four star defensive back Wardell Mack, who is the number one cornerback in Louisiana and is in a tight battle right now between the Tigers and Texas.

The 2025 class will feature a lot of big names as well including QB Bryce Underwood, who is the number one overall player in the 2025 class.

This is going to be a huge day for the LSU football program and its future as this will be their final big push until the recruiting dead period begins on August 1st.

Brian Kelly and the rest of the staff wants to make sure to end a strong recruiting offseason with a major splash in the “Bayou Splash” today.

Here is the list of LSU commits and recruits that will be in Baton Rouge today for the Bayou Splash!

LSU Commits:
4 ⭐️ TE Trey’Dez Green (LA)
4 ⭐️ OLB Kolaj Cobbins (LA)
4 ⭐️ LB Tylen Singleton (LA)
4 ⭐️ CB Cai Bates (FL)
4 ⭐️ DB Ju’Juan Johnson (LA)
4 ⭐️ WR Joseph Stone (GA)
4 ⭐️ WR Kylan Billiot (LA)
4 ⭐️ S Joel Rogers (LA)
4 ⭐️ QB Colin Hurley (FL)
4 ⭐️ WR Michael Turner (LA)
4 ⭐️ LB Xavier Atkins (TX)
4 ⭐️ LB Davhon Keys (TX)
3 ⭐️ OL Khayree Lee (LA)
3 ⭐️ DL De’Myrion Johnson (LA)
3 ⭐️ EDGE Ahmad Breaux (LA)
3 ⭐️ DB Wallace Foster (LA)
3 ⭐️ K Aeron Burrell (LA)
3 ⭐️ DB Jaylen Bell (GA) (2025)

2024 Targets:
5 🌟 EDGE Colin Simmons (TX)
5 🌟 DL Dominick McKinley (LA)
4 ⭐️ RB Caden Durham (TX)
4 ⭐️ DB Wardell Mack (LA)
4 ⭐️ WR Jelani Watkins (TX)
4 ⭐️ OL Blake Ivy (TX)
3 ⭐️ S Joshua Lair (TX)
3 ⭐️ OL Ory Williams (TX)
3 ⭐️ LB Devin Smith (GA)
3 ⭐️ OL Elyjah Thurmon (GA)

3 ⭐️ OL Joseph Cryer (LA)

2025 Targets:
5 🌟 WR Dakorien Moore (TX)
5 🌟 OL Micah DeBose (AL) (UGA Commit)

5 ⭐️ QB Bryce Underwood (MI)
4 ⭐️ RB Harlem Berry (LA)
4 ⭐️ S Anquon Fegans (AL) (USC Commit)
4 ⭐️ RB James Simon (LA)
4 ⭐️ WR Andrew Marsh (TX)
4 ⭐️ WR Jacorey Watson (TX)
4 ⭐️ WR Naeshaun Montgomery (FL)
4 ⭐️ WR Russell Babineaux (LA)
4 ⭐️ WR Taz Williams (TX)
4 ⭐️ TE JD LaFleur (LA)
4 ⭐️ OL Lamont Rogers (TX)
4 ⭐️ EDGE Javion Hilson (FL)
4 ⭐️ DL Kevin Oatis (MS)
4 ⭐️ DL Bryce Jenkins (D.C.)
4 ⭐️ DB Jaboree Antoine (LA)
4 ⭐️ DB Cobey Sellers (TX)
3 ⭐️ DB Javion Holiday (TX)

2026 Targets:
OL Jalan Chapman (LA)
OL/DL Lamar Brown (LA)
S Aiden Hall (LA)
LB Rodney Colton Jr. (GA)
DB Isaiah Williams (TX)
LB Anthony Jones (AL)
WR Brayden Robinson (TX)