Diamond in the Rough: Noah Hood

Noah Hood is 6’4, 165 pound class of 2022 kicker out of Denham Springs High School in Denham Springs, LA. Noah is a fairly new kicker, having just started in his senior season but you wouldn’t think so. In non district games this season, Noah converted on 75% of his field goal attempts, a perfect 23/23 on PAT’s, registered touchbacks on 54% of his kicks. To go with his on the field credentials, Noah has a 21 ACT score and a 3.79 GPA. This young kicker is only just getting started and has plenty of room to grow in a college program.

When did you start playing the game of football?

I started playing this year. Coach Beard asked me if I can kick and said you should try. I started from there and worked my way up.

Often times, kickers are overlooked but are one of the most important players to the team’s success. What’s it like playing a position that isn’t talked about to often?

It’s a pretty fun position. I play soccer so kicking a ball isn’t new to me. Being overlooked doesn’t really matter to me, I show out when I get in front of people.

What is something that college coaches should know about you?

I’m a hard worker and good teammate. I try to have fun with the people around me and lift everybody up.

What are you looking forward to most about getting to play in the bowl game?

I’m looking to come compete and learn new things. I’m a new kicker so I’ll just be soaking everything in.

What was your mindset being a new kicker and everything in your senior season?

I just wanted to show that I had a lot of raw talent from soccer and use it to get offers. I wanted to show my talent in different ways.

Tell me some lessons you’ve learned from playing the game of football.

I learned to have your teammates back. Football is more like a brotherhood then any other sport I’ve played. It makes you grow up and helps you in adulthood.

What kickers do you watch and study?

Cade York and Justin Tucker after he kicked that 60+ yarder this season.

Check out Noah’s Highlights here

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