GF Media Day 2023 Preview: East Jefferson High School (Metairie, LA)

The East Jefferson High School Warriors and first year head coach Brian Glover are looking to start the year off right in their new journey together. With Grace King High School closing down and East Jefferson having a head coach position available, Coach Glover jumped the gun on it and got his next opportunity. The Warriors are looking to start this coming season strong with their new head coach, having had their own success in the past.

Jace LeJeune interviews East Jefferson Head Coach Brian Glover at the 2023 GF Media Day Event.

Brian Glover has had a long coaching journey, dating back to 2001. He has been a head coach at many different programs in many different cities. He knows what it takes to regain a culture inside of a program, having started a program in his past.

“I’ve, you know, been around to a few places. I started coaching back in 2001 at my alma mater, Point Coupee Central and did about eight years there. Started as an assistant and ended up being the head coach and then from there, kind of bounced around a few places. I was the head coach at Sophie B. Wright for a few years. I also spent time as the offensive coordinator at St. Helena and Patterson, and was then after that I started the program at Thrive Academy in Baton Rouge and previously before this current job, I was the head coach at Grace King and then when Grace King got closed down at the end of the school, yeah it just so happened that it fell in line with East Jefferson having an opening. Yeah, as you know, for the head football coach, and something that happened with the previous coach, and this year, and they had an opening. And, you know, I applied for it and, God willing, I got the job.”

East Jefferson Head Coach Brian Glover

Coach Glover has learned many things about his new players in his first summer with the team. His main goal is to establish a new culture that will stick with his players and the East Jefferson football community. He knows the success that East Jefferson has had in the past with them winning a state championship just a few years ago.

“East Jefferson is a good program. You know I’ve only been a little over two months now. I’ve just been learning the lay of the land and learning about the kids. You know getting to know what kids can do and what they can’t do and I’m just challenged with making sure we, you know, by the start of the season, we have them in the right positions. We have them going in the right directions and make sure we’re utilizing the best of their abilities. We are also focused on creating a foundation and creating a culture. You know, according to the administration, there were some culture issues that they were having, and that they want to see change and so that’s my main thing that I want to do, is not necessarily worried about how many games we can win, but we have to set a good foundation to build the program to where it’s supposed to be because it’s a good program. We’re trying to get it to a great program so it’s not like we’re starting with bare bones and with nothing. They have their success in the past and they have a really good and solid program.”

East Jefferson Head Coach Brian Glover

With Coach Glover having been at Grace King before accepting this new position, he knows the district very well as he was in it already. He seems to already have a good grasp on things and how each team will be playing this fall. He thinks his Warriors will fare pretty well against Glover’s familiar competition.

“The district is going to be interesting because being at Grace King, I was in that district. That’s the district we were in and so I’m very familiar with the district and familiar with the opponents. Of course, John Ehret, and Chalmette are going to be the two, you know, that are battling for that for that district championship, which they kind of, you know, have been for the last few years. It’s been between those two as to who is battling for it all, but what I will say about the district as a whole. All the teams have gotten better since this will be my fourth year in the district. All the teams have gotten better from when I when I first got in there so I think it’s going to be a very tight, tight mix this year. It’s gonna kind of be up in the air to see who wins. I don’t think there’s one team that’s head and shoulders above.”

East Jefferson Head Coach Brian Glover

Coach Glover was very high on his players stating that he thinks this group could be the most talented he’s ever had before, but he always preaches that just because a team has all the talent in the world doesn’t mean they will win every game. He tries to keep his team grounded and ready for this coming fall. He brought upcoming junior wide receiver Dorrion Hollins (pictured below) to Media Day, and he is a towering figure. Standing at 6’5, he is a threat on the outside to any defender covering him. He also plays on the defensive side of the ball, as a defensive end, which is something you don’t see very often.

“In my upcoming senior class, I have two guys that I have noticed have been working very hard and doing good this summer. The first guy is Henry Lee. He plays wide receiver and defensive back for us. Also, a guy named Lamar Smith, who is an offensive tackle for us. Those two guys out of the senior class are really special and they are going to be really good this year. We are expecting big things out of the both of those guys.”

East Jefferson Head Coach Brian Glover
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