December 2, 2022

Kayshon Boutte, Mike Jones Jr., Jaquelin Roy, And Noah Cain Speak To The Media After First Week Of Fall Camp

After the first week of fall camp, it was now time for the LSU players to talk about how the fall is starting for them. Four players in wide receiver Kayshon Boutte, running back Noah Cain, defensive lineman Jaquelin Roy, and linebacker Mike Jones Jr. had a lot to talk about despite being only a couple of days through camp.

WR Kayshon Boutte:

On being back practicing with the team for the first time since the ankle injury:

“It’s been a great feeling to be back. It has been a long ten months just kind of watching. It’s hard and puts you in a different place mentally. I say it’s great to go out and practice with an attitude. It’s exciting.”

On how the relationship with Brian Kelly has grown:

“He came in and we exchanged a few words just to talk and get to know each other. We talk daily in trying to build that bond and with a different head coach, you have to be comfortable in his system.”

On the wide receiver room:

“There is a lot of talent in the receiver room. I feel what I could do on the field could be done everywhere around. I feel that they can hold the standard too and I trust them to do what needs to be done.”

On focusing on what needs to be done on the field:

“I see what people post, but I just block out the noise and just worry on what I can do to get better.”

On getting back on the field for the first time since the injury against Florida State:

“It’s going to be a good feeling picking up where I left off.”

On how Brian Kelly has changed the attitude of the program:

“Since he has gotten here, things have been great and it has progressed throughout time. We are in a great environment under a great head coach.”

On how difficult it was not being out there and being enganged with the team because of the injury:

“I was engaged fully because knowing my teammates need me to lead off the field and although I’m not doing what they are doing, I try the best to stay engaged.”

On the four quarterbacks battling for the starting position:

“All of them look great. That’s all I got to say.”

On being coached by Cortez Hankton:

“Coach Hankton is a great coach with an attitude that is ready to work. He tells us to go out and execute and just getting better.”

On receiving the coveted number seven jersey at LSU:

“It feels great. Not too many people get to wear it so knowing that I am one of those people that get to wear it is a blessing.”

On if former number sevens at LSU have reached out to him on receiving that honor:

“I talked to Tyrann Mathieu a little bit. He had visited a month or two ago when he talked to the whole team.”

On if he thought about leaving:

“I thought about it. I really did. As a player, I felt like it was just better for me to stay and overcome this process.”


“I am focusing on football really. NIL is just off the field stuff even though you are doing what you are doing, football is number one.”

On strength and conditioning coach Jake Flint

“He means a lot. He came in with a great plan and we talk every now and then. We talk everyday now and it is just something that we needed to do.”

On the Biletnikoff Award:

“The Biletnikoff is one of my goals, but I feel if I didn’t have my injury last season, I was on pace to win it.”

On carrying on the wide receiver tradition:

“I feel the guys they did put in the league put LSU on the map so knowing that everybody is watching our group specifically, we just have to execute.”

On relationship with Kyren Lacy:

“When he first got here, my biggest thing was getting to know him and I feel that he can bring a big role into this program.”

LB Mike Jones Jr.

On what he has taken from first couple days of fall camp:

“I am proud of the work that we have been able to put in throughout the summer. There wasn’t a lot of guys that were super tired or not conditioned. We have been taking the mental preparation very seriously. We don’t have to learn extra because we went through the installs multiple times during the summer. Guys just came ready to play and are ready to get this going.”

On if he sees himself as an inside or outside linebacker:

“Right now, I am playing mike just in the middle. I’ve done a lot of things in my career, but right now, I am taking on my reps at mike.”

On when the lightbulb started to turn on for him last season:

“I wouldn’t necessarily say that there was a certain moment that it clicked. Now, when it comes to learning how to play in the box, it was more early on like the last week of fall camp. From that point on, I always believed in myself and feel that I was ready to execute the job.”

On what he has seen so far from Harold Perkins and how he has adapted on campus:

“It is not too much adapting when you are built like that and fast like him. He is super athletic and really open to learning. He has a great attitude. I am really excited for him. He is just so strong and fast playing linebacker. He will be a show to watch.”

On individual goals and what to improve on for the upcoming season:

“Definitely my footwork. I’ve been trying to step a little bit too far and sometimes I hop so the biggest things are my footwork and hand placement. Every day, I come in with the mindset to get better.”

On how Damone Clark has showed him the standard of linebacker performance at LSU:

“Damone is a brother of mine and when you think of LSU, you think of great linebackers. Seeing him last year and seeing the way he plays, of course, I want to be able to provide that for this team as well.”

On frontrunners for the prestigious number 18 jersey:

“Man, we can put almost anybody there in the 18 jersey. We have a great group of guys. We have a great group of leaders. Everybody does their job and they do it really well. They all meet the expectations. I am not sure who it will be, but it can be a countless number of guys.”

On Jaquelin Roy:

“Like talking about Perkins, he also has huge size and ability. Ever since I’ve been here, I’ve got to see him grow up and mature. He is for sure a guy that can come in at any snap of the game and trust in him. When it gets to third down and two, sometimes, it is hard to pass rush well. I can count on him getting in a rush. All around, he is a great player and a good guy. To see him grow up and mature, I know it is going to take him to a whole another level.”

On how different the defense has looked since the spring:

“We are doing a lot of the same things. It’s really just focusing on us right now and making sure that all of us are solid in our alignments and techniques. We are just taking it day by day. We are not trying to get too far ahead. There hasn’t been too much new stuff this year. We have Matt House as our defensive coordinator so I am sure we have something coming, but right now, we are just sticking to the basics.”

On being coached by Matt House as the defensive coordinator and linebackers coach:

“I am super appreciative of him. I am glad for my fifth year that I get to experience Coach House. I’ve been exposed to such more knowledge of playing linebacker and when to be that mike linebacker of the defense. He just has brought so many things to us. Our expectations are on a whole another level. We are going to try and run as fast as we can as hard as we can. Of course, I say that a lot in football since pee wee when my dad told me to run to the ball, but making that the standard is something that I haven’t been exposed to. Then, on the knowledge side, he has taught me on how to become a communicator. That has also taken my game to a whole different level.”

On second year with the program and having a leadership role:

“It’s been great and has been an awesome opportunity. I really appreciate the guys that I have around me. They make my job easier whether it is the first eleven guys on the field or even the guys that might not be getting a lot of reps. From young guys to the older guys, they all do a great job. We have a lot of great listeners and we have guys that will say something and help correct you. It’s a constant learning environment. When you around something like that, it is not hard to be a leader.”

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DT Jaquelin Roy:

On expectations of the defensive line and individually:

“For the front, I just want to make sure that everybody is making plays and being responsible in their gaps. From there, we will see where the season takes us.”

On adjusting to a new defensive coordinator:

“It’s just mentally growing up and the same thing can happen at the next level. Just come in and get to work.”

On what to improve on the most from year two to year three:

“Just having the right mindset, come to practice everyday like you want to be there and just giving it my all.”

On what he has seen from running back Noah Cain:

“He looks really good. He has been getting some reps with the ones. He has looked good so far.”

On being a leader of the defensive line:

It feels good. I am used to everything and just trying to get the young guys right so they can step in my shoes one day.”

On difference in defensive scheme from last season:

“Now, we are in a 3-4 and I am playing nose. A lot of it is the same.”

On NIL opportunities for him and his teammates:

“It has gotten better. Everybody has their own thing going on. We have {The Players Lounge}, which is an app so companies that are interested can hit us up.”

On transitioning from being a highly recruited prospect to playing behind veterans the first couple of seasons:

“It was hard being a freshman and my mind wasn’t mentally ready for that. Now, I am hear, ready, and it feels good.”

On how defensive line coach Jamar Cain has impacted him as a player:

“He has helped me with my technique in staying low in my pads and how to strike blockers faster. He is really chill, but he will get on you if you are not doing your job.”

On differences between playing tackle and nose:

“I like nose. I’ve put on some more weight and now, I can play over the center. Not too many centers can block me one on one. When I was playing the three tech, I was struggling to take the inside step and then go up vertically. Now, I am in an even stance so I can step right or left.”

On facing the offensive line in practice:

“I feel like the offensive line is going to be really good this year. We are just seeing how they are getting better each day.”

On what new defensive coordinator Matt House brings to the defense:

“He is a really good coach. He brings a lot of intensity to the group and puts me in a great position to make plays.”

On how the defensive line stacks among the rest of the country:

“With me, Maason, Ali, and BJ, we are veterans and have been here for two to three years altogether. We are trying to bring the D-Line U back to the program.”

On the new faces of the defensive line:

“They really work. Once they learn the technique, they will be straight. Mekhi is a great piece that we added for sure and can come in and make plays.”

Here is more of what Jaquelin Roy had to say to the media.

RB Noah Cain

On football journey that has gotten him at LSU:

“I had moved from Baton Rouge because of Hurricane Katrina and moved to Dallas and lived there for 12 years. I played at Guyer High School for two years before transferring to IMG Academy the last two years of high school. My dad stayed in Baton Rouge. My whole family is from here so I’ve been in Louisiana every year training for the summer. Louisiana has always been home and I have always been proud of that. When I was in Texas, people asked me that I am from there and I had to set the record straight. Being from here means something and I have always been proud of that.”

On why he originally chose to go to Penn State:

“It’s crazy how things work out. When John Emery committed, they already had two running backs committed from the 2019 class. Once I explored my options, Penn State took most of that time. Now, fast forward, this is the perfect opportunity for me and I am happy to put on the purple and gold.”

On relationship with John Emery Jr.:

“John and I had some history in high school. We were roommates at the Nike Opening so we were familiar with each other. Once I came, it was nothing, but love. I was in zoom meetings all throughout spring chiming in and John said that he was excited for me to come down here. We make each other better and we just kind of feed off each other. We both feel that we can do something special and can shock the country.”

On what is most appealing about Mike Denbrock’s offense:

“It is not just about one position getting the ball. The tight ends are getting reps and the receivers are getting the ball. It is so versatile. Everybody is involved. It is not just one person being a decoy. If you watch Cincinnati from last year and how they used Jerome Ford last year, they used him in so many different ways. It just helped him build his stock. He is going to keep everybody involved in the offense and that is what’s really attractive about this offense.”

On freshmen Will Campbell and Emery Jones making huge impacts already on the offensive line:

“Those boys are grown men. I love their approach everyday. We are in the same workout room in June. They get here as early as possible and even earlier than some of the upperclassmen. That just shows their maturity and approach. I think both will be first round draft picks. Those next few years for those guys are going to be special.”

On relationship with offensive line:

“That’s crucial because you are going to be hit in the backfield if you don’t. All those guys are cool just talking to them. Just getting the chemistry down by hanging out, eating out with them, and getting to know them is great.”

On toughest part in coming back from a leg injury suffered at Penn State:

“It was uncomfortable getting tackled. It didn’t heal as fast as I wanted to. Coming back from it last year, I was able to earn a starting job at Penn State, but I wasn’t able to put the film out that I wanted to. Now, with the opportunity to recover for a whole offseason, it has been great, and I am so anxious to play the first game. I am excited.”

On how much he has worked with the quarterbacks:

“Every week, we work seven on sevens, and meetings with Jayden, Myles, Walker, and Nuss. We have so many great quarterbacks walking. We are building the team morale and it’s been great. These first two days of camp, we are coming together great.”

On how important was it to have that summer working with new faces:

“It is crucial. You got to develop chemistry at some point. You can’t just put five stars together and expect them to gel at one point. You may have the most talented team, but if one guy doesn’t do their job, it doesn’t work at all. All summer, we are learning that you have to be unselfish in this offense. It may not be flashy, but it will help your brothers and your teammates. Everybody has understood that and it has helped us to have a great summer.”

On relationship with teammates outside the football field:

“Our locker room is funny because everybody talks to each other. There is not one guy that is like the outcast. That’s what makes each other comfortable being themselves. When you are yourself, it is easy to go out there and just play. When you start overthinking things, you tense up and get nervous. Everybody is comfortable around each other and it will help us gel on the field.”

On how the attrition of the running back room has motivated the group:

“It’s a business at the end of the day. You got to put your head down everyday and work. You can’t worry about the next man. It’s unfortunate what happened to Tre and I met Corey briefly before he moved back to Cincinnati, but it’s LSU. You have to be ready to put your head down and work every day. It’s a blessing to play running back at LSU.”

On what he has taken from Penn State to help him at LSU:

“Penn State grew me into a man. It really matured me. I came in as an early enrollee. It is a blessing to get my degree from there and now being back home at LSU, I know a lot of things now that I didn’t know three and a half years ago. Being back at LSU has given me a different approach in my offseason nutrition and recovery. It gave me a different perspective on how to become a pro. I appreciate that experience and I am ready to play for LSU now.”

On transitioning playing in the Big 10 to playing in the SEC:

“It is definitely warmer down here. I don’t think we will have too many cold games, but if we do, I will be ready for it. The Big 10 is a competitive conference as well, but everybody knows that the SEC is the mega of college football. We are going to be competitive come September 4th.

On difference getting recruited coming out of high school and out of the transfer portal:

“I was ready to make a decision. I was a man at this point when I decided to come to LSU. I was 21 years old and I knew the next step of my football journey. When I got into the portal and LSU had given myself an opportunity, I jumped on it immediately. I was blessed with other opportunities, but I didn’t feel like getting recruited. I wanted to find a place that was going to help me both on the field and off the field. No better place to do that than LSU.”

Here is more of what Noah Cain had to say to the media:

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