Gridiron Football Diamond In The Rough: Cole Poirrier

Cole Poirrier is a Quarterback prospect in the 2022 class and plays for the St. Amant Gators out of St. Amant, Louisiana. Cole, who is 6’3 and weighs 200lbs, has an incredible mixture of both arm strength and running ability. The Quarterback has shown off his cannon for an arm plenty of times, making bombs down field look effortless. However, Cole is more than just a strong arm. He is a willing runner and does not shy away from lowering his shoulder to fight for extra yardage. When under pressure in the pocket, Poirrier has shown amazing escapability and can extend plays with the best of them. Overall, the 6’3 Quarterback is an electric prospect and is a fun watch on film.

Click here to watch Cole’s highlights.

Tell me about yourself, what are some things you are into? Any hobbies? Really, I just like to hang out with friends. Most of my hobbies are playing sports and competing. I play sports year-round, and I love it. I like to go out with my friends, play with my dog, and just have a good time. I would say I am a lowkey type of guy.

When did you start playing football? What made you get into it? I started playing when I was around 4 or 5, I fell in love with it, I have always loved it. My dad played college football at Nicholls, he played Wide Receiver. I was kind of just born into it. Ever since I was young, I have always had a passion for football and just loved playing it ever since I was a little kid.

Did you start out playing any other position? I was a running back all the way till my 7th grade year. The year before my 7th grade year was my first time playing Quarter Back . We did not do too much passing, so I was pretty much just a running Quarter Back. It was in my 7th grade year that we started passing more and I became more of a passing Quarter Back.  

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How is recruiting going? So far, recruiting has been decent. I got a couple looks from different schools. I am hoping to get some offers my senior year and just find that one school that I want to go to. I am not really picky, one of the top colleges would be ULL and Nichols. I have been getting some love from some of those other schools but I have not done any visits yet.

What motivates you to get out and practice every day? What is your why? I love to compete, always have. Football just brings out the best in me. I just love to compete against other people, I just love everything about football. It is just something that has always been in me, always have had a passion for the game. I do not really play the game for anybody, I play out of enjoyment of the game.

Is there anybody that you look up to/aspire to be? Peyton manning has always been my guy that I loved in the NFL, I just loved his work ethic and mind set. I have felt like he has always played the game the right way, how it is meant to be played. I liked his mindset, how he was always afraid to be outplayed. I have just always loved that.

What NFL player do you try to model your game around? Unfortunately, it is not Peyton. We have completely different styles of play. Currently in the NFL, I would say Josh Allen is my guy. My game exactly like his. We both have a mixture of the running aspect and the throwing aspect with the strong arm. I got the toughness too.

What has football taught you about life and yourself in general? Football teaches me a lot of things, it taught me to be a better person and to have work ethic. With no work ethic, you are not getting anywhere. If you want something, you are going to have to go get it. Football taches a lot of good life lessons. It also taught me how to play together as a team and work good with other people. It taught me that I can accomplish whatever I want to if I work for it. I have always looked up to St. Amant, I was in disbelief that I was the Quarter Back. I worked my butt off in 10th grade and I got to play Quarter Back for them, and it made me want to work and get better. It taught me how good of a competitor I can be.