Episcopal State Champion Powerlifter Reid Chauvin is Ready For Challenge of Carrying Knights’ Rushing Attack

As indicated on plenty of occurrences last season on Gridiron Football, the Episcopal Knights had a special running back in Braeden George, who went on to become a Gridiron Football All-American and a Navy signee by rushing for 1,854 yards and 28 touchdowns this past fall. Now, George is now passing the torch to his talented sidekick Reid Chauvin.

“Braeden would carry a lot of the load in the backfield so he made it easy for me to come in and make the 1-2 punch with us. With him gone, I’m going to have to take a big step up and make the most out of every carry. Braeden showed me how every play is an opportunity to make a big play and I won’t forget that for next year.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin

Over the last two years, Chauvin has proven to Mr. Inside to George’s Mr. Outside as the 5’9, 195 pound running back helped the Knights reach back to back Quarterfinal appearances with 2,223 yards and 38 touchdowns. Now, this upcoming season will come in a different role than in years past.

“I’m going from fullback in Wing T, which I will still be, to also back in gun. This will allow me to see more pre snap when I get handoffs since my hand won’t be on the ground every time.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin

Versatility has been the name of the game as Chauvin has not always played running back.

“I started playing flag football for YMCA in lower school. I knew I was good since then. I would always get picks as a DB and I remember one game, I had three picks on back to back to back drives. It was super fun.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin

Now, Chauvin has had a lot of fun on the offensive side of the football. Despite the big numbers running the football, the rising senior has a chance to post some even bigger numbers while at the same time, trying to bring the Knights somewhere they haven’t been before.

“I want us to get a state championship. Being able to tell my kids, we won the state championship in high school football would be an awesome story to tell. Also, I imagine watching all our hard work pay off at the end of the season would be a great feeling.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin

Chauvin has already achieved a taste of state championship status, but as one of the state’s premier powerlifters. This two time Louisiana state champion powerlifter holds the Division 2 state record for squat (585 pounds), bench press (375 pounds), and total pounds (1,500 pounds). Having a max squat of up to 600 pounds, Chauvin’s powerful legs have helped him breakaway from ongoing tacklers in the fall.

“Powerlifting teaches me controlled aggression. If you get too amped up for a lift, you don’t fall back on your technique and you fail the lift. This translates to the field and is essential for playing to your best ability. You still need to remember your plays and your assignment while still playing 100% and powerlifting has facilitated that skill to me.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin

While power and strength certainly may be his number one attribute, do not let that distract you from the fact that the two sport star has deceptive speed having run a official 4.5 in the 40 yard dash.

“My quickness on the inside definitely shines the most. I am able to see holes before they develop and hit it with quick feet. Along with my ability to take a hit, my inside running is unmatched.”

“I want to be able to make guys miss more in the open field. Whenever I get those breakaway runs with one man to beat, I want to capitalize. When I work on that, I will bring the whole package as a running back.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin
Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin (2) breaks a tackle during the team’s first round playoff game against Martin Luther King. (Photo taken by Billy Metcalf Photography)

Episcopal’s new workhorse has watched a lot of one of the best running backs in the NFL to model his game after.

“I really like Josh Jacobs because of his balance of speed and power. I feel like my game best resembles his as we both have the speed to break a big run, but we also can run downfield and blow up some people.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin

Chauvin has worked hard in the offseason to get better as a powerlifter, but he has also put in the work to become that complete running back he has sought out to be.

“Every Tuesday and Thursday mornings I get up early to go get speed work in. I also work routes and field drills on Saturday and Sunday while lifting six days a week. I’ve been really getting after it and I can’t wait for it to show on the field.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin
Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin has ran for 2,238 yards and 38 touchdowns in his first two seasons as a starting running back. (Photo taken by Billy Metcalf Photography)

The work ethic also carries to the classroom where he has a 4.0 GPA and a 28 ACT, but he is still working on achieving his goal of getting a 31 on his ACT.

As of now, there have been many schools that have been in contact with Chauvin as he has been to LSU’s junior day as well as a couple of on campus visits to Ball State and UAB. He has an upcoming visit to West Virginia on April 16th, but he is still currently waiting on his first college offer approaching his senior year.

“I want a highly competitive football team and just as up to par academics. I understand there is life after football so I need a good education on which is hopefully after I retire from the NFL.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin

When it comes to powerlifting, that is still an option for Chauvin in college and perhaps beyond.

“Obviously, college football is my #1 priority. I absolutely would love to play college football for a DI team. If no options prevail, college powerlifting is definitely something I could see myself doing and perhaps nationals and worlds. It’s where God wants to take me.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin

After his athletic career is over, Chauvin wants to join the family business as he enjoys contracting and building.

“I would like to take over my dad’s contracting business of building houses. It is something I am very interested in doing designing houses and getting my engineering degree. I also feel like the contracting business will take off in the years to come with technology on the uprise and new buildings needed for various innovations.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin
As a two time powerlifting state champion, Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin continues to always fall forward with his powerful legs. (Photo taken by Billy Metcalf Photography)

At least in the meantime, Chauvin is focused on laying the building blocks of a championship team and building even more memorable moments just like last season when the Knights won a hard fought battle against Ascension Catholic.

“The Ascension Catholic game in the 2023 season will be a game I remember forever. Not only did I put up a personal record of rushing yards, but it was an absolute dogfight. I was so into the game and I was going to put everything on the line every play to ensure that we won. I remember the last play of the game, our defense made the stop at the one yard line. I was praying to God and I never have felt so connected with him. There was so much raw emotion and it was a feeling I’ll never forget.”

“The physical aspect of hitting somebody as hard as you possibly can is what I love most about football. I love leading every ounce of aggression on the field. Even at practice, it’s nice to thud pads.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin

As intense as Chauvin is on the field, he wants to spend as much time working on himself mentally as much as physically.

“I love to fish. Fishing lets me relax and reflect on my thoughts while also keeping me busy.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin

Whether it is running for touchdowns, winning powerlifting state championships, or taking care of business in the classroom, the work ethic plus talent will give Reid Chauvin an opportunity to succeed in anything he does.

“My work ethic is unmatched. I will not be outworked. I don’t care if nothing is handed to me. I will work my way to the top.”

Episcopal High School 2025 RB Reid Chauvin

Hopefully for the Knights, Reid Chauvin will help work and carry his increased workload to even more success in 2024.