Diamond in the Rough: DB Omari Steward

Omari Steward is a 5’10 170 lbs DB. He attends Trinity Christian High School in Sharpsburg, GA. This season Omari and the Trinity Christian Lions football team went 6-5 and had a 5-2 record in region play. Omari was able to lead the Trinity Lions to a playoff berth. This season he recorded 16 total tackles, 2 tackles for loss, 1 sack, and 2 interceptions. He uses his speed and ball-hawking skills to become a lockdown corner. Even when opposing QB’s think they have their receivers open, he has great enough recovery speed to make up that lost ground and get a pass break up or potential chance for an interception. He has the ability to lockdown receivers and a whole side of a football field. We were able to talk and interview Omari.

Having a strong support system is important. Being able to have people that you can turn to whenever things get tough or even for motivation is important for young athletes. Most times when an athlete has people that always support them, it makes them play better as a player.

“Going to Trinity Christian, I feel like the support is heavy, with my parents backing me as well as coaches and teachers. The support here is amazing, and I am blessed to receive it.”

DB Omari Stewart – When asked about who has supported him along his journey.

Each season players look forward to something, rather it is playing a specific team or seeing how the team improved from last season. This season Omari and the Lions defense were able to shut down opposing offenses by allowing less than 300 points throughout the whole season.

“I looked forward to showing that I can compete with some of the top receivers in the state that we played this past season and do well against them.”

DB Omari Stewart – When asked about what he looked forward to going into this past season.

Teams cannot win if they do not play as one unit or together. Playing football requires you to play as a team, not one individual can carry a team to victory. Being a good teammate is important to a team’s success.

“A good teammate is someone who plays for their teammates, someone who is willing to fight for their brothers. A good teammate is coachable, and understanding, they are upfront with their teammates and lead by example, they are also good for the locker room and the morale of a team.

DB Omari Stewart – When asked about what makes a good teammate.

Each player has different motivations for playing football. Having something or someone that motivates you as player, allows you to work harder to strengthen your craft.

“Knowing that I can be much better than I am right now, as well as loving to compete and be challenged is my motivation, I love competition.”

DB Omari Stewart – When asked about what motivates him to play or get better.

In order to get better as a football player, you have to study and watch some best players that play the game. To become a great football player, you have to learn and see what it takes to become great.

“Denzel Ward of the Browns and Malik Washington of the University of Virginia are the two players I try to model my game after with the way they play and move being shorter for their position as well.”

DB Omari Stewart – When asked about who he would compare himself to or model game after.

Every athlete has a moment where they fall in love with their sport. Each athlete has a starting point in their career.

“I started playing football in 5th grade; however, I would always play on the playground going back to as early as kindergarten.”

DB Omari Stewart – When ask about what age he started playing football.

This season Omari was able to play lockdown and get his hands on two interceptions. He was able to lead the Trinity Lions to a playoff berth but even with the tremendous effort by Omari all season long the Linos suffered a first-round playoff exit.

“I learned that I could play with anyone on the field from this last season and that I have a lot to work on if I want to make it at the next level.”

DB Omari Stewart – When asked about what he learn about himself, and the team based off how this season ended.

Omari is currently a senior in High School. Right now, he has college Interests from Berry, Wooster, and Centre college.

“After high school I plan to pursue a major in business or computer science as well as play football at the collegiate level.”

DB Omari Stewart – When asked about his plans after High School.