DITR: RB Terri Lawrence, Willis High School (Conroe, Texas)

Terri Lawrence is a 5’10, 198 lb running back that is not getting the attention he deserves. The class of 2025 running back attends Willis High School in Conroe, Texas. Terri is a bruising running back who can pummel anyone in his path. I believe his running style is very comparable to the likes of Marshawn Lynch. They are both very angry runners that don’t let contact deter them. There are many instances in which Terri will shed 3 or 4 tacklers to make a play. This grown man strength can be seen in the weight room. He most recently bench pressed 225 lbs, an impressive feat for his age and stature. Terri has insane speed to add to this toughness. He most recently ran a 4.59s forty yard dash, and completed the 3 cone shuttle drill in only 4.44s. These are great measurables to have as a running back, and especially if you still have one more year to grow. On the field, his speed is very apparent. Once Terri hits the hole, good luck catching up to him. He consistently uses his quick feet and acceleration to burst out of the backfield, and into the open field ahead. This season, Terri rushed for 610 yards and 10 touchdowns. Expect to see those numbers increase next season as the teams leading rusher, quarterback Derek Lagway, is graduating this year. Terri’s game is very versatile as well. He may be a tough running back, but he also posses soft hands to catch the ball out of the backfield. This most recent season, Terri racked up 262 yards through the air. His best game came against Cleveland High School where Terri rushed for 182 yards and 3 touchdowns, as well as receiving the ball for 31 more yards. This versatility as a running back is key to finding success at the next level. Terri’s efforts won him 2nd team all district this season, and he is hungry for more. He is a very motivated kid both on and off the field. This is made apparent by Terri’s 4.18 out of 5.0 GPA. A young man who has been playing the game since he was 3, Terri will have a place in this game for a long time.

What made you fall in love with the game of football?

Just the passion it takes to play it. I started playing it when I was little and found joy in it. I just love contact sports.

What is your best on the field attribute?

I would have to say reading holes for sure. I’m patient and able to find the right hole to burst through.

You guys had that tough loss in the regional finals of the Texas High School Football Playoffs against DeSoto. How are you, and the team, learning from that game to improve next season?

Just getting stronger. That game we got out strengthened so the team and I are working on getting stronger everyday. We won’t miss a lift and are just working on building that team chemistry.

What are some goals you have for next season?

I want to rush for at least 1,000 yards, become a team captain, and get my first division 1 offer.

Being a multi-sport athlete with baseball and basketball, do you see any qualities and skills transfer from the hardwood and the diamond to the turf?

My speed from baseball for sure. My physicality comes from basketball also.

Are there any running backs you try and emulate while playing?

I’ve been working on my footwork a lot, so I would say Saquon Barkley.

What are you doing outside team training to get better?

I workout a lot. I do a lot of stretching to improve my flexibility.

What is your dream college to play football at?

LSU for sure.

Who is your multi sport athlete GOAT?

I don’t have a multi sport athlete GOAT, but I can give you my individual GOATs for each sport. For football my GOAT is Tom Brady and I’m gonna go David Ortiz for baseball.

What do you think your biggest improvement has been since you started playing football?

My IQ and speed for sure.

Who is you way too early Super Bowl winner prediction for next season?

I gotta say the Eagles.