Dutchtown Griffins Defeats Live Oak Eagles 30-16

In this back-and-forward game, Dutchtown rose and came out as the victors against Live Oak. On Thursday, October 12th, Dutchtown came to Live Oak’s stadium to face off against them as their week six matchup. Both teams at this point were looking to improve their record with the Giffins, coached by Guy Mistretta, being 4-1, and the Eagles, coached by Brett Beard, being 3-2. Both of these teams rank in the top 20 in Baton Rouge football rankings with Dutchtown being in the top 10. This game started slow with both offensive not being able to make it to the end zone until the second quarter, but that slow start wouldn’t last.

The score of the game changed when Dutchtown’s running back Carter Hansberry scored a one-yard run to finally change one of the two zeros on the scoreboard. With Manuel Cardona hitting the PAT the score of the game was now 7-0 with seven minutes left in the second quarter. This, however, would not be the last point of the game. This lead would change a couple of times before the clock struck zero. On the next drive, Live Oak marched down the field with ease ending with a 16-yard run by quarterback Cayden Jones for the Eagles’ first points in the game. With Brek Schultz hitting his PAT the game was now tied, 7-7. Dutchtown gets the ball back hoping to drive down the field and score before halftime, but on the very first play of their next drive, the Griffins had a wild snap causing the football to go into the endzone. Dutchtown recovered their ball but was in the endzone causing a safety for Live Oak. Dutchtown would receive the ball one more time before the half ended. Taking the most of this opportunity, quarterback Ethan Aucoin passed the ball to receiver Logan Mayeax for a ten-yard touchdown with less than a minute left in half. At halftime, Dutchtown would be in the lead 14-9 over Live Oak.

In the second half, Live Oak was the first team to put points on the board. Quarterback Cayden Jones completed a pass to tight end Hayden Ray for a touchdown. At this point, they have taken the lead back 16-14. Dutchtown would, after this score, seal the game by scoring two scores to put Live Oak out of reach to come back. The first of the two was another rushing touchdown by Carter Hansberry. Dutchtown would choose to go for two where Carter Hansberry would take another run to give them the two-point conversion. Their last touchdown came from a run from Gary Duke III late in the fourth quarter. Again, the Griffins went for two but this time quarterback Ethan Acoin threw the ball to Gary Duke III for the two-point score. This last score, with four minutes left in the game, was the score that sealed Dutchtown’s victory.

Overall, both of these teams played a great game of football. Penalties were minimal with there being less than five for each team. Dutchtown’s run game was really efficient with multiple running backs breaking for decent plays, like Carter Hansberry. On the other side, quarterback Cayden Jones did a great job throwing the ball and moving the chains through the air. Both of these teams look to build on their issues and continue to win games throughout this season.