Donaldsonville 2024 DB Raiyen Oatis Repays Trust With Southeastern Commitment

At the end of last week, Donaldsonville High School 2024 DB Raiyen Oatis announced his commitment to play for the Southeastern Lions. At 5’11, 175 pounds, Oatis has been a starter and a top contributor for the Tigers since when he has first started at the varsity level as a freshman, but an injury suffered last season set a lot of programs back from recruiting him. However, it was the Southeastern Lions that showed great trust in him and Oatis honored that trust back with a commitment.

“The coaching staff for sure played a big part in the commitment. They believed in me during my injury and kept in touch.”

“The coaches didn’t think that because of the injury, they wouldn’t offer me. It showed me that I would play a big part at the school. It showed me that I will for sure play and to get a full scholarship made me want to commit even more.”

Donaldsonville 2024 DB and Southeastern commit Raiyen Oatis

It was not just the coaching staff’s belief in him that got him to commit, but it has also been their success in producing great defensive backs including some of the program’s all time great players like Robert Alford, Harlan Miller, Ferlando Jordan, and Zy Alexander.

“I’m most excited to be under Coach Collin coaching and mostly excited to get developed by him.”

Donaldsonville 2024 DB and Southeastern commit Raiyen Oatis

Being a student of the game and watching other great cornerbacks excel at their craft, there is a lot that he takes away from some of the NFL’s best.

“An NFL player that I want to model my game is Jalen Ramsey or Darius Slay because I can get like Jalen Ramsey by talking trash, backing it up and getting in your head the whole game or just being a Darius Slay that’s just gonna lock you up the whole game without saying anything.”

Donaldsonville 2024 DB and Southeastern commit Raiyen Oatis

Oatis has also picked up a lot techniques that can help him as a defensive back by playing quarterback under center for the Donaldsonville Tigers.

“Playing quarterback help me as a defensive back because I can read better. I know for sure when something is going deep and something is going short. Things like that help out a lot.”

Donaldsonville 2024 DB and Southeastern commit Raiyen Oatis

Overcoming an injury and having a standout senior season is not only motivation to please the Southeastern coaches and his teammates at Donaldsonville, but also to prove the doubters wrong.

“It was hard overcoming the injury, but I know I had to fight and get through because I have to put the team on my back this year. I’ve been working and the team as well to have a winning season and to prove the doubters wrong.”

“Things I want to improve on is helping my team stay up, leading more, overcoming losses, helping my teammates, and understanding their position and winning.”

Donaldsonville 2024 DB and Southeastern commit Raiyen Oatis

That hunger will not stop when he arrives on campus as Raiyen Oatis is ready to show why Southeastern invested so much in him.

“My goal is to get my education first and then come out as the best coverage player on the field. They are for sure getting a dog that is coming with a chip on my shoulder all of the years I’m there.”

Donaldsonville 2024 DB and Southeastern commit Raiyen Oatis