Diamond in the Rough: Marquise McKnight

Marquise McKnight is a senior at Madison Prep Academy out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  McKnight is the starting kicker and punter for the chargers and has had a very productive season kicking the ball.  With the chargers record at 9-1 on the season, McKnight has had plenty of opportunity to kick extra points, field goals, and punt.  There have been multiple games where he has been at least 3/3 on extra points and during those games posting kickoffs with longs of 58 and 60 yards.  Marquise is a big part of the Chargers success because of his willingness to go out there whenever he has to make an extra point or a great punt with the game on the line.  Big time players make big time plays and that is how Marquise has helped his team to a hopeful title run.


What brought you into the game of football?

I’ve been playing football all my life.  Pretty much my whole family played football so it pretty much ran in the family.

What impact does football have on your life? What do you love about the game?

I thing i love the most is my job especially.  You know not a lot of people can play this position.  The big impact special teams has on a game means a lot because with a good special teams it can be a game changer.

What other things do you like to do besides playing football?

I like to draw, and paint occasionally.  I like to read a lot of books on financial things.  Read things about the economy and what is out there in our markets.  I really just like learning constantly.

What plans do you have in the future?

I plan on going to college and majoring in business.  Once i have finished school I want to work around welding and get a lot of trades then start off proceeding to having and owning my own business.

What is your favorite part of the game and what about your position makes you love the game?

It would have to definitely be a game winning field goal or a game winning punt.  Just that amount of pressure just to see how far you’ve come.  And just to see how all the hard work pays off.  That is definitely what I love most about the game and the position I play.

What do you feel the team can accomplish this season?

I feel like we have the brotherhood down and we have worked on our discipline so it just depends on how we go out and take care of our jobs and take care of our business and how much we impact each other and we impact the other team.

What leadership role do you have on this team?

A lot of the guys look up to me.  They come up to me constantly asking can I teach them how to kick and punt.  Just playing around and being there for them.  Motivating everyone to better themselves and do their jobs so I can do my job.  Making a big kick or having a game changing punt helps to lift the team and motivate everyone.