QB/ATH Davin “DJ” Latimer: Fort Mill, SC

For our latest Diamond in the rough featured athlete, we take a trip east to Catawba Ridge High School in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Davin “DJ” Latimer is a 5’11, 175 pound 2024 QB for Catawba Ridge, but he can also play defensive back as he is very athletic and speedy on the football field. His speed allows for him to extend plays and his tremendous arm talent is on display inside or outside the pocket. He can do it all on the football field for the Copperheads. He is a two-sport athlete, as he is also on the Catawba Ridge baseball team, which just recently won the South Carolina state championship for their class. Latimer also carries a 4.02 GPA in the classroom, so this shows he does the necessary work off the field to be able to play on Friday nights.

What age were you when you started playing football and why did you continue to do so over the years?

“I was about 6, and I fell in love with the physicality of the sport.”

Do you play any other sports or is or only football for you?

“I play baseball and recently came from a state championship.”

What are you biggest strengths as a quarterback or as a defender?

“I’ll definitely say my raw arm strength has a lot of other quarterbacks beat.”

Do you rather playing on the offensive or defensive side of the ball?


What would you describe as a good teammate?

“Being accountable, leadership, love (for your teammates and the game).”

What are some things you can do to improve as a QB or as a defender?

“I’m always trying to improve with ball placement and consistency because those are things I feel can always be improved.”

How has the recruiting process been throughout high school for upcoming potential college?

“The process through recruitment has been steady yet fun because of the camps and friendships I’ve made on the way.”

What are your goals for this coming season? / What do you want to get out of this season?

“I really only have one goal and that’s to end the season on a win or 15-0.”

How does it feel getting some recognition/ recruiting from this far away from home?

“It’s not usual so I don’t really mind it.”

Why would a college want you on their team?/ What sets you apart from the others?

“Colleges should want me for my ability to create explosive plays at any given time with either my arm or my legs.”

How do you enjoy playing in Catawba RIdge’s offense/defense and are they a good fit for you and your style?

“Yes, we have an offense that my skill sets can thrive by using my arm and legs to stretch the field, while also having a great run game.”

How would your teammates describe you?

“They said say I’m passionate, hardworking, interactive, and competitive.”

How do you balance your school and football?

“Throughout the school year, I’ll schedule my hardest classes in the second semester of the year, due to me time freeing up a little more than in the fall. Also, throughout the day, I try to knockout any homework that I can depending on what I have to do in the afternoon.”

Do you have a role model or someone who has helped along your journey so far?

“I’d definitely say my parents because throughout my life, my father taught me about the importance of mental toughness in the military and in all aspects of life; my mother hammered into me the importance of being hardworking in everything you do and to see things out through the finish of whatever I started.”

Davin has attended many camps this summer, like this one and NC State among some.
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