DITR: WR/FS Colton Spychalski, Yorkville High School (Yorkville, Illinois)

Colton Spychalski is a true Diamond in The Rough, waiting to show his full potential next season. The 6’0, 165 lb receiver and free safety from the class of 2026 is a truly well rounded prospect. His sticky hands and eye opening 33 inch vertical allows him to jump up, and come down with the football effortlessly. Being a sophomore on a team full of seniors, Colton had a quiet season with 9 receptions for 101 yards and 2 receiving touchdowns. Despite this, Colton is set on having a breakout season this year, and I fully believe it will happen. The first thing you notice about Colton is his size. He towers over most of his competition, and he uses that well. He is known for being able to “head- tap” defenders and rise above them to catch the rock. Height isn’t the only reason he’s known for this either. Colton’s physical playing style let’s him rip the ball away from any defenders grap. He also displays breakaway speed once he hits the open field. This translates over to the track field, Colton’s secondary sport. While he didn’t participate this year, his track accolades are still eye opening. Colton placed second in Illinois’s state competition for the 400 meter relay last year, and it was a photo finish. The margin between him and the winner was only 0.07 seconds. He tells me he is still working to become faster, and most recently clocked in a 4.59 forty yard dash. Colton displays amazing footwork and balance, notably when he toe tapped a touchdown in the back of the endzone this season. Watch out for Colton to make a big splash next season.

What motivates you to play the game of football?

I really want to get my college education paid for any way I can. I’ve also just loved the sport ever since I was a kid throwing the football with my dad in the yard. Ever since then, it’s just clicked for me and I figured out I was pretty good last year. I want to get up to that next level.

What are some goals for yourself, and your team next season?

I really want to get to the playoffs. We’ve been doubted a lot, mostly for next year with our offensive line being on the smaller side but we can still throw the ball around the yard. I want to win conference again, we won conference this year for the first time in 33 years while still being doubted. I want to do that again, and go far in the playoffs. I just want to win games. Personally I want over 700 yards receiving this year with some touchdowns.

How does participating on 7 on 7 teams like Supreme 7 on 7 help hone your skills as a receiver?

I would say it’s more of a physical game on the 7 on 7 level. In full tackle football, receivers aren’t the most physical. In 7 on 7 it’s all about physicality. Playing 7 on 7 made me more physical on jump balls, it’s mostly those. It also helped me with my catching, having my hands ready, and just getting route running down. You gotta get out quick when you only have four seconds to throw the football.

Most of your receiving group is graduating. Are you expecting a breakout season, and how are you preparing for it?

Yes, I am definitely preparing for a breakout season. I want to be a main threat. We have a really good receiver on my team, Dyllan Malone, who is already getting college offers off of his one touchdown this season, so I hope that I can be a main target. The quarterback I played with freshman year is coming up to varsity, so hopefully we can connect a lot. I’m going to have a breakout season because I know he trusts me.

You guys had a tough loss in the playoffs against Willowbrook. What have you, and the team learned from that loss to be more successful next season?

I would say we really needed to connect on our passes that game. It was a windy, wet, and cold game but that’s no excuse to not catch any balls. I love our boys on defense but they could have stepped it up a little bit, gotta get a little better on that D. We had to be more physical because that team was way smaller than we were. We were expecting to win, we should have won.

What is your dream college, and have you been in contact with any colleges recently?

It’s funny you say that because you go to LSU, but I’ve always been obsessed with LSU. I’ve always loved the football team. I want to come down this summer for a camp and view the campus. Yeah, I’ve just always loved LSU. Some colleges I have been in contact with are Wisconsin. I did pretty good at their camp and their Coach pulled me aside and talked to me. I just got letters from Bowling Green and Princeton to come out to camps. I’ve had some DII coaches talking about me. I’m also doing a Spring Gameday visit at Toledo later in March.

What is a challenge you’ve faced, and how did you get past it?

I would say consistency has been a problem, but it’s something I overcame. My dad works the hell out of me and every day of the week there is something for me to be doing. Everything from lifting, working with my wide receiver coach, strength and conditioning, to plyometrics and speed and agility. I’m doing something everyday. I had to realize this is my life if I want to get my college paid for. You have to work for your future. It’s all about being consistent and working towards what I want to do, to be better and be the best on the field.

You play free safety and wide receiver, what side of the ball do you like more and why?

I love receiver. I love how you can get around people. I love the footwork and speed. I love catching the football. Knowing I can get the ball coming towards me almost half the plays is really exciting. I love breaking out after catching the ball. It’s just a really exciting position and free safety is fun, but I would 100% rather play receiver.

Who do you model your game after?

I really love Cooper Kupp and Keon Coleman. I really love how Keon gets up and goes and catches the ball. Cooper Kupp has always been someone I look up to. His backstory is amazing, he had no offers when he came out and now he is a superstar.

Do you have a favorite personal highlight from playing?

I have two. I remember my first high school catch ever. First play of the game they threw it up to me and I absolutely head tapped the defender freshman year and ran for another 30 yards. The other one was against Oswego High School this most recent season. It was my second varsity touchdown, and I had a nasty toe tap in the back of the endzone. Everyone went crazy after that.

What about your game stands out?

I would say how I high point the ball, and my hands are my biggest strength. I bring a lot to a team, I have a lot of energy, I make sure everyone is held accountable. My top speed is pretty good and I’m getting even faster. The way I break down my routes at the top is another another key point to me as a receiver.