DITR – Linaro McMillan Jr

Linaro “Sproley” McMillan Jr is a 5’7″, 155 pound, class of 2024 running back and slot receiver for Bonnabel High School in Kenner, Louisiana. Linaro is a great pass-catching back when lined up at the position, and plays a very similar game to Darren Sproles and Deuce Vaughn, as he is often compared to those two players because of his size and skillset. Linaro is very quick on his feet, has good burst, and runs a decent-sized number of routes, and runs them well. He runs hard, always fights through contact, and isn’t afraid to take a hit. When running the ball, Linaro is very nimble and makes cuts with ease, and has a knack for finding open space. His ballcarrier vision is one of his biggest strengths. Linaro would be a great asset to any offense, as his role is used in just about all offenses.

Linaro has a 3.5 GPA, proving he works in the classroom as well as on the field . He currently does not hold any offers, but has multiple colleges interested in his services. So far in 2023, Linaro has put up around 540 total yards and a touchdown through nine regular-season weeks. He told me that he has been clocked at 4.48 for his 40-yard dash time.

I recently had the chance to interview Linaro:

Why and at what age did you start playing football?

“I started playing football around the age of 6 … just the feel of running the ball, I knew I had a huge love for the game.”

Have you always played your current position, or did you play a different position growing up?

I’ve always played running back and receiver growing up, it’s all I’ve ever known.”

What sets you apart from everyone else on the field?

“I would say my speed makes up for my size as I’m kind of small but I’m one of the fastest players on the team.”

What is your favorite accomplishment so far in your football career?

“Having multiple 100+ yard games.”

What is your favorite memory of playing football so far?

“Scoring my first highschool football touchdown. I was able to show my potential and ability.”  

How do you balance athletics and academics?

“I prioritize my work at school before anything, making sure it’s done and going to practice to give my 100% everyday.”

What is the biggest challenge you’ve faced on the field?

Last season, I broke my collarbone after my fourth game. It was tough; I was out for the whole season, I had to shake back and get stronger and better to improve my abilities on the field.”

How do you stay physically fit outside of football?

“Going to the gym and constantly stretching.” 

What are you hoping to achieve this season?

“I’m hoping to make first team all district.”

What is your end goal for your football career?

“Earn a scholarship from a big college to be able to play football and go to college.”

What is the most important lesson you’ve learned playing football?

“To always give 100% and never give up no matter what.”

How do you prepare for big games?

“Stretch and I pray every time before the game.”

Lastly, who is the biggest role model in your life?

“My biggest role model would be my dad and my mom as they support everything I do when it comes to the game I love. .. they’ve given me everything I have and always push me to be the best I can be.”